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Monday, September 30, 2013

While Running Through Marshall's...

I have never been one of those people who can find clothes at Marshall's.  I know people who find awesome stuff there, but every time I look, I feel overwhelmed and leave emptyhanded.  Not so in the home department.  I popped in recently and was really impressed with some of the selections.

For instance...

This metal (brass?) end table with animal horn-shaped legs.  The perfect place to set a drink!  It was $79 and hand-crafted in India.

The bedding section had quite a few Serena & Lilly items.  I grabbed a couple of crib sheets for $15 each- you can never have too many!

How cute is this x-based bench for a playroom or child's room?  The top is woven (jute?) and the perfect combination of sturdy and soft.  I think it was around $59.

Also available was this longer version- place it at the foot of the bed in a girl's room for a punchy pop!

For a more restrained look, this linen x-bench is fantastic for the price!  It was either $149 or $249.  Either way, it's a bargain!

I didn't take pictures of the lamps, but they had many Ralph Lauren styles for $99 or less, including the shade.  Not bad at all!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Vignette

I usually find the interior design of show/design houses to fall flat, but I could move right in to this Southern Living Design House in Nashville!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mrs. Howard for QVC Bedding

Style by the mile has come to QVC with Phoebe Howard's new bedding line, Phoebe Howard Home.  

CREAMVerticalMrsHoward copy copy

Mrs. Howard, whose eponymous stores dot cities throughout the Southeast, has always been one of my favorite decorators.  Her designs are classic yet never boring, always finding that perfect balance between antique and modern, leggy and skirted, traditional and unusual.  As soon as I heard about her new bedding line, I knew I needed these sheets for my 2-year old's bedroom.  

Phoebe Howard Home King 300TC 100Cotton Sheet Set
The peachy pink trim looked like it would be a good match for her ballet-slipper-pink walls, so I placed my first ever QVC order.  It arrived quickly!

The sheets were nicely packaged in a zippered bag.  The first thing I noticed is that the color is a bit darker than I expected.  Based on the QVC pictures, I was expecting ivory or cream.  These definitely lean more towards beige than I expected.  But, the pink is soft, warm, and lovely, not "bubble gum" in the least, which is what I was hoping to avoid.  

The cotton sateen is super soft- I have already washed and dried them, and the quality seems excellent.  Various trim colors are available, including blue, green, and beige.  

I hope she will continue to add pieces to the collection- so far, so good!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eduardo Garza for West Elm

High-end designers and accessible-to-the-masses-retailers have been hard at work to create some exciting holiday collaborations!  I am thrilled to see that Eduardo Garza has created a holiday line for West Elm.  We have previously praised him for his designs, which combine glamorous gold and silver with organic elements like shells or agate.

Fuschia Stones on Golden Lucite Box (OUT OF STOCK)
His original designs come with a hefty pricetag, but thanks to his collaboration with West Elm, his style is quite affordable.

The boxes are made of soapstone, adorned with agate specimens, set in brass.  They range from $49-$69, making them perfect for holiday gift-giving.  I also love that they aren't particularly feminine or masculine, adding to their versatility.
Eduardo Garza Agate Inlay Box

I can't wait to see more of this collection!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday's Cheap and Chic: Ali Ro Anoraks!

You've probably seen the perfectly lightweight Ali Ro anoraks.  I bought a coral one several years ago and have worn it more times than I can count.  It is the perfect weight for 6 months of the year here in Charlotte (although let's be honest- water resistant it is not!).  The oversize brass snaps, fitted waist, and shapely collar make it so much more stylish than the typical anorak.

MoS Washington was looking at Ali Ro anoraks online the other day, and she sent me this picture:

Fitted waist, oversize snaps, shapely collar.  I assumed it was Ali Ro.  I was wrong!  Guess where it's from?

Wal-Mart.  And guess how much?  $30.  I will admit I was still a little skeptical, so I ordered one just to see what it was like.  

It came in the mail yesterday, and I have to admit I am impressed.  The fabric isn't as nice as the Ali Ro version- it is somewhat crinkly instead of smooth, but all in all, it is cute and definitely worth $30 to me.  

For 1/10 of the price, I think it is a good buy!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bargello Brights

Bargello, the wavy needle-work pattern popularized in the 1960's and 1970's, is one of my favorite styles.  Jonathan Adler reintroduced bargello on his pillows and upholstery.  A very chic client of mine had a dining room set from her grandmother, complete with original bargello-covered seats.  The "groovy" bargello seats were the perfect counterpoint to the traditional English mahogany furniture.

I was delighted to find a set of original vintage bargello seat covers recently.

The set included 7 covers that had been removed from their original chairs.  They are hand-sewn on to backing, ready to cover chairs.  These covers would be such a fun way to jazz up traditional dining chairs or to use in a breakfast room with some punchy faux bamboo chairs.  The quality is amazing- I cannot imagine how many hours someone spent making these fab seat covers.

They measure 20.5" L x 19" W and are ready to cover chair seats.  Just pull them tight over the seat and staple underneath.  The price is $250 for the set of 7.  If you are interested, email me at  You could also use them to make accent pillows.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Out with the Ikat

Several years ago, before ikat was big, I decided to buy an ikat sofa.  It was bright.  And a really big application of a really bold pattern.  I loved it for a while but then started to hate it.

I bought it before I knew much about decorating and before children.  Boy have I learned a thing or two.  First off, I would never use such a big pattern on such a large piece of furniture.  Second, the fabric is drapery fabric.  Fine to hang on the windows or use on accent pillows, but not a good upholstery fabric.  It stains easily and does not wear well, at all.

When I was thinking about what to use on the sofa, some outdoor fabrics piqued my interest.  I have been amazed at how far indoor/outdoor fabrics have come over the past few years.  They used to be shiny and feel plastic-y.  Now they include everything from velvets to linens to prints and patterns and everything in between.  No matter how careful I am, my sofa always seems to attract jumpy feet and sticky fingers.  So I decided an indoor/outdoor fabric would be the perfect answer, if I could find one that I liked.

I wanted to tone down the color scheme in the room, getting rid of the reds and yellows and just using greens and blues.  After ordering a swatch of this blue zig zag outdoor fabric, I fell in love.  It had enough pattern to keep it interesting, but not enough to overwhelm the room like the ikat. 

SD Ziggy Capri Blue

The ikat sofa was still very comfortable, the appropriate size for the room, and was in good shape, so I decided to recover it rather than buy a new frame.  

The ikat sofa originally had two cushions, which didn't bother me when I purchased it.  But I quickly learned that on a two cushion sofa, only two people will sit on it (no one wants to sit on the crack!), so basically it functioned like a loveseat.  So my upholsterer made new cushions for it to make it a 3-cushion sofa.  Now three people can sit comfortably without anyone falling into the crack in the middle.

(please excuse the complete lack of styling here- this is how my sofa looks this very minute)

I used an ivory outdoor fabric in the light accent color for the piping.  Contrast piping gives furniture such a custom look.  

A new rug is definitely high on my list.  However, the rug was bumped down a bit when water poured through our ceiling last week due to a shower pan failure upstairs...  

We've had the sofa about 2 months now, and it still looks PERFECT.  Everything just rolls right off of it.  I joke that we could hose it off to clean it, but I don't think we will ever need to.  I am officially a huge advocate of using outdoor fabric indoors!

One of these days I will get this room finished and photographed and show you the whole thing!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Vignette

Orange bath!

Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan's colorful shower curtain, chair, and an area rug

via Jonathan Adler
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