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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Say It Ain't So

I've had a long-standing love affair with the glamorous Dorothy Draper Espana chest.  I use one in my bedroom, and it instantly adds style to the room.

My chest isn't marked.  It's from the 1960's, high quality, has dovetail drawers, etc.  The fact that it isn't Heritage doesn't really bother me.  

However, seeing it knocked off by Pier 1 absolutely shocks me.  

It's not cheap (for what I imagine the quality to be)- $400 plus shipping.  But it is just all wrong.  From the hardware to the legs to the fact my beloved Dotty is hitting the VERY mainstream market...  

If you are vigilant, you can find a chest for not-too-much-more than the Pier 1 price.  I believe that is about what I paid for mine, on eBay.  

So is the Draper chest going the way of chevron, beni ourain, and starburst mirrors?  Please say it ain't so!

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Brass Dynasty

Brass is undeniably glamorous.  Sure, some not-so-chic versions of it existed in the 1980's, but using a piece or two in moderation can really elevate the style of a room.  

I have had two AMAZING glamorous brass finds recently.

The first is a brass and lucite console table.  Photographing lucite is a skill I have not yet mastered, but this table has a heavy brass base and top with lucite sides, topped with glass.

Brass & Lucite Console Table

Brass & Lucite Console Table

I love how it modernizes an otherwise traditional room, like this:
lucite coffee tables

And saving the best for last... (I must give credit to a verrrryyy savvyyyy friend for this find):

A huge solid brass elephant tusk DINING table!!  Can you imagine entertaining your friends at dinner around this table?!
Brass Tusk Dining Table
Brass Tusk Dining Table
And there is a cool story behind the table.  Only four of these tables were ever made.  Two were retained by the maker, and the third was used as the dining table on the set of the television show Dynasty.  This table is the only one privately owned (I bought it from the furniture designer's brother).  How cool is that??!!

This table is seriously incredible- puts the oh-so-desirable brass antelope head coffee tables to shame!  It goes up for sale tomorrow on OKL- my fingers *might* be crossed that it doesn't sell so I can keep it in my house!  At least for a little while!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Haste Makes Waste

We've had a busy summer- no preschool + lots of buying and selling furniture makes for not a lot of extra time for blogging.  I hope to get back in a more regular blogging routine this Fall, and I apologize for not responding to emails as quickly as in the past.

I am glad to be busy, but sometimes being so busy allows things to fall through the cracks.  For example, I sold this brass equestrian tray a few weeks ago.

Hand-Painted Equestrian Tray

The tray was brass with a painted ceramic center showing a Kentucky Derby winner from the 1960's.  Interesting but not inherently valuable.

Before I mailed it, I decided to polish the brass, so it would be nice and shiny for the buyer.  As I started polishing, the brass finish immediately came off.

 First I panicked, seeing that I had accidentally polished it with silver polish instead of brass polish.  I had sold it as brass, and after polishing it, it no longer looked like brass at all.

Then, I realized that the "brass" wasn't really brass at all.  It was just tarnish that looked more gold than black.  Silverplate tarnishes just as much as sterling, so I assumed it was silverplate and was already starting to pray that my buyer wouldn't be disappointed with a silverplate tray instead of the brass one she purchased.

Then I decided to go ahead and polish the back, so it would be shiny and pretty.  Lo and behold, after I removed the tarnish on the back, I saw, for the first time, "Sterling" imprinted in the tray.

So I had to pack and ship a sterling silver tray that I sold for about 1/5 of its actual worth.  Because I hadn't polished and cleaned the tray before I sold it, I didn't know it was silver.  So now I am trying to take a little more time with items and know what I have.  

On the flip side, I did find this surprise piece of sterling silver in a box of silverplate I purchased recently.  It's such a good catch-all size that I might polish it and keep it for myself!

You win some, and you lose some!  

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