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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life, Losing Weight, and Lulu Love

Having three babies close together has its pros and cons.  On the pro side, the siblings are in roughly the same peer group (particularly as they get older), so it's instant playmates, all the time.  My oldest two are close now, and I hope they will always be close.  Also on the pro side, we are handing the baby/toddler/diaper/tantrum/etc stages at roughly the same time for all three children.  No getting comfortable with "reasonable" children and then reverting back to the tantrum stages.

On the con side, sometimes I feel like I have three babies.  Sometimes they are all three crying simultaneously for different reasons.  And, also on the con side, while this is ENTIRELY my own fault, I didn't lose all the weight between each pregnancy, and it really crept up on me by the time baby M was born.  I didn't exercise like I should have throughout my three pregnancies, and I ate way too much Chick Fil A.  When I went for a physical in July, I knew my weight wasn't where it should be, and my doctor confirmed it.  Hearing it from my doctor really made me step back and stop making excuses.  It doesn't matter that I just had a baby or just had three babies or am still breastfeeding or whatever excuses I always offered myself as I reached for that ice cream at 10pm after everyone was in bed.  I needed to lose weight and needed to exercise.

In July, a couple of my friends finally convinced me to try Flywheel.  

Flywheel Stadium Cycling

It's a boutique spin gym- Flywheel offers barre classes as well.  For the first time in my life, I actually ENJOY exercising.  This is coming from someone who would rather get a filling at the dentist than go for a run.  I played sports growing up and through college, but I hate to exercise.  Until Flywheel.  The music is loud, the room is really dark so no one can see me almost dying sweating, and for me, it is such a good stress relief.  I forget about the chaos in my life for that 45-minute ride, and I leave a happier person.  It also burns a ton of calories, which is what I needed most.  A month ago, I started adding barre classes to my routine, and I can tell a noticeable difference in muscle tone.

If you are like me and hate to exercise but know you need to be doing something, I encourage you to try Flywheel. Your first class is free (you can tell them I referred you if you want- I think I get some sort of credit!).  

So the results...  I have lost almost 20 pounds since I started in July.  I changed my diet some too, but mainly it is a result of Flywheel and Flybarre.  While I am still not where I want to be weight-wise, I decided to join the rest of the workout world by venturing into Lululemon at the mall. 

lululemon athletica

I had read that Huffington Post article that we've all seen, and since I am not a size 2, I was admittedly a little nervous to shop at Lululemon.  Boy, were my preconceived notions wrong.  My experience could not have been better.  The Lululemon associates were SO nice and helpful.  They played with baby M while I looked around.  I took a stack of clothes to the dressing room praying something would fit (do you know that feeling?), and lo and behold, my normal size was even too big!!  As I tried on clothes, I was telling the manager about babies, Flywheel and being motivated, losing weight, etc, and she was so encouraging.  

I walked out of the dressing room on Cloud 9 that the pants were a smaller size than usual.  She said to me, "I don't know if you are planning to buy anything or not, but your story has been so encouraging and inspiring.  We are giving you a pair of pants."  I get tears in my eyes just writing it.  I was speechless.  Lululemon GAVE me pants.  For free!  Can you believe it?  It was so so nice and unnecessary and unexpected.  Lulu has a new loyal customer.  I hope you'll try it, too! 


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

I am already scared about losing the baby weight. I know its so hard!!! Lululemon is the best, I swear it is like Spanx in workout gear it sucks you in. I used to laugh at people that spent that kind of money on workout gear but now I am obsessed with it! I am impressed with three young kids you have time to workout!! You go girl!

Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains said...

You go Sarah!!!!! FREE PANTS? That is awesome! I do love their stuff and they are so nice in the store. But I have to go a size up and my busted can of biscuits of a muffin top still spills out. Maybe I should come try flywheel! xoxoxoxoxo

Betsy said...

SO impressed and proud of you! I'm like Katharine and had to go a size up in Lulu. I need to be Flywheeling :)

Emilie said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That's fantastic. Beware: Lulu is totally addictive. I used their cloths/gear as prizes when I was losing weight earlier this year. It worked well as it was motivating but still practical. You should check out their bags. I have been using the neon Vinaysa to Vino for yoga and love it. It's super practical but really cute. I just got another bag to use as a diaper bag when our little guy arrives in the spring.

Jenna said...

Good for you!! Next time I come to Charlotte I'll have to catch a class with you. :) Loosing the baby weight is not easy (I'm still trying to get where I was before my first), but it's all about finding things that keep you motivated!! Sounds like fun!

Katie Waddell said...

Congrats! Although my kids are further apart in age than yours I was in the same situation. In January-February this year I did 6 weeks of Insanity and lost no weight. I was stronger of course but I was crushed that I hadn't lost any weight, this summer I read Wheat Belly. I know, so "trendy" right!? ;) It seriously changed my life, I'm about 20 lb.s lighter (since only August!) and I feel incredible! No mood swings, depression, insomnia, digestion issues, headaches. It's amazing. I know I sound like someone on an infomercial but I can't help it. :) Here's to being healthier, happier Mommies!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

That is a wonderful story. I will have to look for a Flywheel near me. I had my last baby at 40 and gained weight since she was born. That sounds like a nice bit of "me" time that you are getting that is also really healthy.

Ivy said...

Congratulations. You're doing amazing things and should be proud. Having a family, business and time for yourself is challenging. Take good care of yourself without feeling guilty. Everyone will be happier in the long run. Happy for you.

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Congratulations! I love Lulu too. So flattering and the sales associates are always so encouraging and helpful. Great post - we've all been there. :)

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I just updated my long overdue blog roll and added you to it. I've been following you for awhile, but hadn't updated it in forever!

I'm in your boat with the multiple babies phase. And that's awesome you're doing FlyWheel. I just started Hilliard about three weeks ago, and love it so far. May have to try FlyWheel sometime too.

As far as Lululemon goes, I just started shopping there seriously last week, and love it now! I can see how people get addicted. That's awesome they gave you a pair of pants. I'm sure you'll be getting lots of use out of them! Oh, and there's a section on their site: We Made Too Much - basically the Sale Section, and once you start knowing your fit in different styles, they're so much more reasonably priced there.

Keep it up!

xoxo, Ashley

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Sarah, I hate to exercise too and have found very little time lately to start up a routine. I know what you mean about feeling better after your exercise class. Sometimes just walking my dog gives me a fresh perspective. Oh, and my girls are 6 1/2 years apart. Which means I'll be the mother of teenage girl for a really long time. Enjoy those three blessings!!

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