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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday's Cheap and Chic: Ali Ro Anoraks!

You've probably seen the perfectly lightweight Ali Ro anoraks.  I bought a coral one several years ago and have worn it more times than I can count.  It is the perfect weight for 6 months of the year here in Charlotte (although let's be honest- water resistant it is not!).  The oversize brass snaps, fitted waist, and shapely collar make it so much more stylish than the typical anorak.

MoS Washington was looking at Ali Ro anoraks online the other day, and she sent me this picture:

Fitted waist, oversize snaps, shapely collar.  I assumed it was Ali Ro.  I was wrong!  Guess where it's from?

Wal-Mart.  And guess how much?  $30.  I will admit I was still a little skeptical, so I ordered one just to see what it was like.  

It came in the mail yesterday, and I have to admit I am impressed.  The fabric isn't as nice as the Ali Ro version- it is somewhat crinkly instead of smooth, but all in all, it is cute and definitely worth $30 to me.  

For 1/10 of the price, I think it is a good buy!



I seriously was looking on,one yesterday for the Ali Ro anorak's! I may have to try the Wal-mart version!

Nicole said...

Great find! Thanks for checking it out for us!

Loucinda said...

That's amazing! I am definitely going to try the cheap version.

Vickie H. said...

Hello, my friend! I loved this post about the all weather coat so I ordered it in the royal blue! I really like it and think it will serve me well in the coming fall and winter. It usually does not get that cold where I live in Texas so it seems to be just the right weight for our climate! As always, you ROCK!!

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