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Monday, August 12, 2013

Haste Makes Waste

We've had a busy summer- no preschool + lots of buying and selling furniture makes for not a lot of extra time for blogging.  I hope to get back in a more regular blogging routine this Fall, and I apologize for not responding to emails as quickly as in the past.

I am glad to be busy, but sometimes being so busy allows things to fall through the cracks.  For example, I sold this brass equestrian tray a few weeks ago.

Hand-Painted Equestrian Tray

The tray was brass with a painted ceramic center showing a Kentucky Derby winner from the 1960's.  Interesting but not inherently valuable.

Before I mailed it, I decided to polish the brass, so it would be nice and shiny for the buyer.  As I started polishing, the brass finish immediately came off.

 First I panicked, seeing that I had accidentally polished it with silver polish instead of brass polish.  I had sold it as brass, and after polishing it, it no longer looked like brass at all.

Then, I realized that the "brass" wasn't really brass at all.  It was just tarnish that looked more gold than black.  Silverplate tarnishes just as much as sterling, so I assumed it was silverplate and was already starting to pray that my buyer wouldn't be disappointed with a silverplate tray instead of the brass one she purchased.

Then I decided to go ahead and polish the back, so it would be shiny and pretty.  Lo and behold, after I removed the tarnish on the back, I saw, for the first time, "Sterling" imprinted in the tray.

So I had to pack and ship a sterling silver tray that I sold for about 1/5 of its actual worth.  Because I hadn't polished and cleaned the tray before I sold it, I didn't know it was silver.  So now I am trying to take a little more time with items and know what I have.  

On the flip side, I did find this surprise piece of sterling silver in a box of silverplate I purchased recently.  It's such a good catch-all size that I might polish it and keep it for myself!

You win some, and you lose some!  


Cheryl Luckett said...

What a bummer!! I know that's going to be one happy buyer. Better luck next time. ; )

Kim said...

I've done things similar ... but I also believe it's what makes our little buying and selling world go 'round!! You'll make up for it, I know! xo

kayce hughes said...

That is too sad a story for Monday morning!

Kimberly Lemmon said...

Oh dear. That tray is beautiful. You will have one very satisfied customer!

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