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Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday's "Hip" and Funny

One of the joys of a new baby is having plenty of time during late-night feedings to catch up on online reading.  I was looking through the NY Times Style section (for the first time in ages) and found this hilarious satire on the making of a hipster.  

Check out the link below for a good laugh!

image via

In the spirit of full disclosure, my husband now often sports a beard, skinny(ish) jeans, and boots, while riding his longboard to visit our neighbors who have a chicken coop, listening to Mumford & Sons.  His socks are not local.  Say what you will, but I find it to be a big improvement over the pleated khakis and tassel loafers of yore.


Betsy said...

Great read- very funny! And while my banker husband is always clean shaven and wears normal jeans, his Pandora Station of choice is Lumineers, Avett Bros or Alabama Shakes. I can relate :)

goheels83 said...

Haha, great article. Happy Monday!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

JCW's brother is a Brooklyn hipster! We do love Mumford & Sons.

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