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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend Find- What a Bust!

I've always loved the look of a classical bust in a room, but finding one that isn't too stuffy has always been a challenge.  As such, I've never wanted to invest too much money in a bust, not knowing how it would really work in my home.  

Last week, I spotted this bust at an estate sale.  It is alabaster, not too huge, and I thought the lady is pretty.

Adolfo Cipriani Alabaster Bust

The base had been repaired, so I used that to negotiate a really fair price.  I did notice an etched "A Cipriani" on the back of it, but I didn't even google before buying because the price was right, and I liked her.

Once I got it home, I was glad I had bought it.  As it turns out, Adolfo Cipriani is a well-respected Italian sculptor.  His pieces range from about $2,500 on ebay to over $16,000 on 1st Dibs.  They are collected by fancy collectors, in museums, etc.  What a surprise!  

She is just the right piece to stand guard over my favorite design books.

And she adds height to the other end of the desk, balancing the lamp.  I think I will keep her (for now).  

Have you ever bought something purely for its aesthetic value that ended up being valuable?


Melissa said...

That's so cool! I really love it-- good find.

Nancy said...

She is such a beautiful find and love the alabaster! Great catch!
xo Nancy

Nancy said...

She is a great catch Sarah! I love the alabaster and how pretty she is. Ive looked for one I could afford and no luck so far. She is perfect in your vignette. Have a great day.
xo Nancy

A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

Oh, I love it...and I agree it is hard to find one that does not look too stuffy. Great find!

Lori said...

I found an Indian paisley piece for $150 in an antique store that it looks like I could get at least $500 and and much as a couple thousand for. It's exciting (and gratifying!) to make a find like that. Congrats on yours!

Link to my find...

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

She's a beauty Sarah! You obviously have champagne taste - great score!!

stephanie said...

never -- wish i could strike it rich that way!

andrea said...

Nice! She's perfect!

I bought a ceramic leopard pair for $13.50 at an antique store. Turns out they're by an Italian company and worth around $500! But I'll never sell - I love them too much!

Anonymous said...

Great story, great statue! I just experienced today almost the same story than yours, buying a statue for the look. Got for the beauty this bust for 160EUR (208USD) looks perfect in my living room, it happen to be also a A. Cipriani.

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