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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Loving Lately: Spatterware

Enamel spatterware is a great example of classic Americana.  Like so many women of their generation, great-grandmothers on both sides of my family collected it.  I see it often when I am out "hunting," but admittedly, it reads a bit rustic/ primitive, which isn't really my style.

However, if you look at the design in the abstract, it is actually quite modern and fresh.  I think the reason for its primitive association has to do with the shapes of the pieces as opposed to the pattern itself.  

For instance, these plates and bowls would look so current on a table today.
Pinned Image
On the other hand, the pitchers, coffee pots, etc all seem a bit rustic and old-fashioned.
Pinned Image

Spatterware is made of metal coated with enamel, which I think would be very child-friendly.  We actually don't own a single plastic plate- I just can't stand the thought of opening my cabinet to see a stack of brightly colored plastic tableware, complete with knife marks, gah!  But I'm thinking of purchasing some spatterware as a chic, relatively unbreakable, child-friendly alternative to ceramic/ porcelain.

How cool is this set?  I'm so close to purchasing it- you know I love the red and turquoise colors!
vintage Enamelware Divided Plates and Mugs 2 Sets Red and Turquoise Blue spatterware

I might have to give it a try!  Do you own any spatterware?


Karen Albert said...

Sarah I did years ago. I a loving that last set in the aqua! very cool.

Art by Karena

Sandra Carson said...

Omg..These prints are pretty cool..:)

Android Developer

sssharpe said...

Definitely child-friendly and that is why I bought a set from Pottery Barn a few years back - Unfortunately, the use of steak knives on the plates mixed with many washings in the dishwasher were NOT a good match! - The plates began to show signs of rusting, so... - We tried the plain white, square-shaped Corelle plates - They're cheap, lightweight and work nicely with any tablescape - I liked them so much and was tired of my pottery dishes from Seagrove being broken that we now have 20 of every size plate/bowl to accommodate family/friends coming to supper... Mom says I can send each boy off to college with a set in later years - haha!!! - Mom always trying to find a home for things later.

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