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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Do you have big plans?  My husband lined up a babysitter (!), and we are going to dinner and a movie.  I can't tell you how excited I am!

Even though I am 8 months pregnant, I'm using the look below as my outfit inspiration for tonight.  I love the dramatic red and black together- perfect for a date night!
classic for Christmas

Did people make rude comments to you when you were pregnant?  Yesterday, I had forgotten to make the Valentine's treat for B's class, so I ran to the grocery store in gym clothes, without makeup.  I have had a bad cold for over a week now, and my face was swollen because I've been sneezing 100000 times a day.  An acquaintance (a man of course) asked me if I am having a girl, because "She stole my beauty."  He was dead serious.  He then tried to give me some backhanded compliment about how I was pretty before I was pregnant and would be afterwards.  Let me tell you, that "compliment" fell on deaf ears.  He went on and on about how people pregnant with girls look awful, but when it's a boy, you just glow.  I stood there shocked at the conversation.  And then proceeded to boo hoo when I got in the car.  Are good manners a thing of the past? 


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Whaaaat? That beats all I've heard. The guy is a complete moron and doesn't deserve your tears. He obviously doesn't know what real beauty is!

Kristen said...

That is beyond terrible. I have never heard of such a thing. I, too, am pregnant...with my 3rd and I am huge. I am so sick of people saying "oh wow you must be due any day!" However, I would take that over what was said to you anytime. So sorry! Pregnancy is not great for my skin and being tired and carrying extra weight is hard on anybody so I definitely KNOW I don't look my best, but that is when you need people to tell you that you look good anyways, right? AGAIN...TERRIBLE! If you can keep yourself from thinking about, try to!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

What a jerk!
The first thing out of everyone's mouth all three times I was pregnant was "OMG you ARE HUGE!" I am 5'2'' and already felt like a bowling ball so this was not well received.
Some people think that they can just say anything.

kkadkins said...

i'm amazed you held it together until you got in the car. he was so RUDE (and wrong, you're still gorgeous). i hope he's not married because...ugh. can you imagine what his poor wife must have to hear?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

First of all, very cute outfit and have a wonderful evening! Second, you are having a baby, and congratulations! Third, well, I apologize on behalf of all mankind for what was said to you by that insensitive idiot. I would have been tempted to reply, "So, since you're not pregnant, what is your excuse for looking so awful?" Another one I like, and actually use, is, "Hmmm. I'm going to pretend you didn't say that." Good luck to you and remember that Karma will surely creep up on this man!


Nicole said...

As a rule, I'm not a commenter, but more of a lurker and am new to your blog. However, what this person said to you really upset me. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. I do think people no longer filter what they say. I think they also think we need their commentary on pregnancy and child rearing.

Remember this, you are a beautiful person! Him? Not so much. Chin up, pretty lady. Enjoy your night out!

Anonymous said...

Some people (like this man) are just asses. You are a lovely person and have a wonderful family; no wonder he is jealous.

Nicole said...

Ugh. So sorry. You are adorable and probably look better pregnant than I do on my best day, so obviously ignore those tactless comments. If you're injured (wearing a cast, using crutches) or pregnant, people tend to see that as an invitation to make inappropriate comments to perfect strangers. I was all tummy with my two girls, and I had people ask if I was having twins, and my kind-hearted boss at the time, a judge, would tell me that stomach entered the room 5 minutes before I did. Lovely. Take it in stride and know that the prize you get in the end for dealing with all of this nonsense is worth it all. xoxo-nicole

Anonymous said...

Sarah, my jaw dropped while reading that comment.
"Steal your beauty"--I think not. Did someone steal his brain and sensitivity--I think so! Years ago, I remember reading in either Ann Landers or Dear Abby's column, that if someone asks you a question that you don't care to answer, just reply, "Pardon me?". And keep saying it until they get the hint (hopefully!).

Nina said...

Wow. What a tool. Kudos to you for holding it together. This Jersey Girl would have kicked his ass. Just something to keep in mind if it happens again!

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