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Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Find!

I've always loved the look of framed scarves.  The vivid colors, beautiful silk, and vibrant patterns really can function as art in a room.

For instance:

So as I was out hunting this weekend, this caught my eye.

It was large, about 40-inches square in the frame.  It looked like Hermes, but at first glance I didn't see any identifying words on it.  I looked more closely, and I could see the very top of the tag on the back and read "Fabrique in France."  A good sign indeed!  So I kept hunting for the Hermes word on it.  I finally found it towards the bottom, somewhat hidden in the elaborate pattern (keep in mind that I have to do this searching in a nonchalant manner because if I look too excited or interested, the price suddenly goes way up....)  So then I started hunting online to see if I could find the same scarf and know that it is real.  Sure enough, a quick google of "black hermes les tuileries scarf" confirmed it was the real deal!

I went to ask about it, and the man in charge said that it was already sold (hence the lot numbers on the tag- those aren't prices).  My heart sank.  Then he said, "But I bought it and will sell it to you.  It is a nice silk scarf."  

I asked him his price, and when he said it I knew that he was pricing it only as a "nice silk scarf," nothing more.  I faked a pause of hesitation before saying I would take it.  So home it came with me!  It's at the framer now- the glass was broken, so I'm having the frame repaired and a new glass put in (which probably makes up for my bargain on the scarf, because a 40-inch square is not inexpensive to frame).  I can't wait to pick it up next week!

Did you have any good weekend finds?


whitley hamlin said...

ps--hope you are feeling good

Melissa said...

Sc-ooore!!! Did you end up getting the asian piece, too? So pretty!

Holly Phillips @ The English Room said...

What a terrific find! Be careful mounting / framing. Do not let them use glue. I had a scarf ruined sadly....


Dwell by Cheryl said...

Wow! What an awesome find! Always amazed that sellers often don't know what the have.

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