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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday's Cheap and Chic

I struck a few nerves with my blog post that highlighted what I wish Target had done with the Threshold line.  I wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings, and I'm sure that if you mix Threshold with more expensive or older pieces in a room, it will look great.  

But it made me think about priorities, what is important to me, where I spend and splurge, etc.  There isn't a right or wrong way to decide where you spend and save- it's such a personal decision.  For my home, at this point in my life, I would rather spend a little more and get what I really want that will last a long time.  But I don't share that sentiment in every aspect of my life.  For instance, when it comes to costume jewelry, I don't really like to make a big investment.  Sure I have some staple Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and J Crew pieces that I love and wear all the time, but I also love to get fun costume jewelry on the cheap.  

I was at the mall the other day and ventured down to the Macy's wing where I never go, and I spotted a store called Pink and Blue (no link- no website).  At first glance, I thought it was another Charlotte Russe type store.  But when I glanced a little more closely, I saw tons of really cute costume jewelry.  I went inside to check it out, and the prices were great.  Around $39-$69 for big chunky necklaces, and everything was 30% off those prices.  I am sure it is all made in China and not of the highest quality at all, but I don't mind that for costume jewelry.  I snapped some pics around the store!

Love these colorful stone necklaces- they are heavy and real stone!

This turquoise and gold woven chain necklace *may* have come home with me.

I love the coral necklace as well as the cobalt blue and turquoise beads.  It kind of looks cheap to see it all junked together on the display, but if you imagine each piece solo, it could totally be $225 in a cute boutique.

Embellished "ivory" bangles are a fun addition to any look!

It was hard to resist these colorful agate cuffs.

More chunky, colorful necklaces!

Cobalt blue and gold chain- one of my favorites!

Love this colorful gumball necklace for a festive NYE party.  

Pink and Blue also has a lot of clothes- I didn't even look because they look like junior sizes I couldn't even wear if I wasn't pregnant.  But back in the day when I used to look for a "going out shirt" before going out one night (that feels like a lifetime ago), this would be the perfect place.

Have you heard of Pink and Blue?  Check it out!  If you are in Charlotte, it's down by the food court at Southpark near Macy's.


Stephanie Tamayo said...

I couldn't agree more with you about spending money on more quality home products and furniture. Don't worry about what others say, because they will eventually realize we are right after they buy an entire house full of Ikea and everything falls apart after 6 months...

Anonymous said...

I try to spend my money on Made in the USA acquisitions. I am so over cheap home decor from countries where I know the labor is pretty close to slavery.

Vickie H. said...

Love this little store! The cobalt blue & gold necklace would have been MINE! With no web site I can't even tell if there is one in Dallas...since I never darken the door of a mall I am completely out of the loop! Dang it!!!

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