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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shared Rooms

It's been a rough week in our house.  The stomach flu hit, and it was brutal.  Sick babies, loads after load of laundry, cancelling client installations, and when I thought it couldn't get worse, I caught the stomach flu, too.  Taking care of sick babies when you are sick yourself (and pregnant) is rough.  Thankfully I think we have rounded a corner and are on the mend.

Just as things seem to be calming down a little, I'm thinking of throwing a wrench into all our routines.  Baby #3 is coming this spring, and I'm seriously considering moving 17-month old Sally in with her 3-year old brother.  Our 4th bedroom is downstairs and is rather isolated from the rest of the bedrooms.  That makes it perfect for a guest room, but for a nursery or small child's bedroom, it isn't ideal.  This week has been a perfect example of how my children still need us close at night. 

My biggest (selfish) concern is that they won't nap anymore if they are in the same room together at naptime.  If anyone has any tips for making this transition, or good or bad experiences to share, I'd love to hear.  When my sister and I were a little older (like 5 and 3), we chose to share a room and loved it for many years.  But 17-months and barely-3 is young.  Too young?

I am excited about the prospect of them sharing a room and being a really close brother and sister, playing together all the time, etc.  And I am excited about the prospect of decorating their room.  Here are some rooms that have caught my eye...

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casey in charlotte said...

first of all, i hope you are on the mend soon! charlotte has been hit HARD with flu and tummy bugs this winter. anyway - i digress.

your dilemma re: sharing rooms is common but doable IMHO. my 2 sons (exactly 2 years apart) share a room and have since the 2nd child's birth. not a lot of choices when we lived in a 2BR home in marin county (just outside of SF). our 900sf house did not allow for more rooms. the trick for us on napping was to prevent the older child from keeping the baby awake. we sometimes moved him into our room and kept the baby in their room. separating the kids is a great way to get them to keep from revving one another up.

we're now in charlotte in a big house and they still share - it's a philosophical choice on our part. we still have to separate them for naps (my nearly 6-yr-old still naps - what a blessing!) and sometimes at bedtime if they are too wired. we just put the older one in our room for the entire nap. at bedtime on occasion when they can't settle, our older guy starts out in our room and when he's good and zonked we move him to his bed. it helps that he is a deep sleeper.

what you know from sharing with your sister (as i did with mine) is that if you can weather the sleep challenges, the other benefits are so rich. they learn to share, to enjoy each other's company and develop a special friendship. i hope it works out for you.

kayce hughes said...

I am a big fan of room sharing. Perhaps that is the result of having 7 and not living in Downtown Abbey! Would it work to have them share but one uses the guest room only during nap time?

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Hope you feel better soon.

After a week of stomach flu and tons of laundry, do you really want all those white linens for a child's room? I raised boys. They are wonderful, jubilant but rowdy creatures. Crisp white linens (albeit beautiful) would have lasted 10 minutes.

Caroline said...

Love the idea of twin beds in a child's experience with sharing, but think it is totally do-able! Take care and hope you feel better soon! Caroline

Katie Waddell said...

Hope you guys are all feeling better! My two older boys (5 and 2 1/2) share a room and they have since they were 3 and 18months old. I was also pregnant with our third and needed to get the middle child used to a big crib fighting here! ;) It was hard but they are doing great now...better since they got bunk beds. My five year old still naps most days (we homeschool) and I just put him in our bed. Good luck and Congrats!!

RD Shugart said...

So sorry to hear about your family's illness - so very tough with little ones & pregnant. I pray everyone is in healing mode!

As far as sharing rooms go, we have 3 girls and they have all shared a room since the beginning. We homeschool as well, and even though they are 7, 9 & 11 right now, they still share a room. It is a much larger room with separate sections & the younger 2 have bunk beds that can be converted to twin beds on one side and my oldest daughter has a daybed on the other side, separate closets, etc. When they were younger, it really was just a matter of teaching the older one to respect the baby's nap time. Best of luck, and most importantly, don't stress about it! :)

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

When we moved into a house we were renovating some years back my daughters had to share a room for the first time. They were 3 and 10 so it was a challenge for us because they were on such different sleep schedules. Since yours are closer in age it might work out better for you.Hope everyone is healthy!

Melissa said...

Catching up on blogs-- so sorry you were sick!! My boys shared a room from 3 and 13 months for about 18 months. Then JH (you've met him-- he's a handful!!) started torturing Grady, and we moved them apart. They still have "sleepovers" on the weekends, and love it. I found it easier for them to share the room when JH was Sally's age-- they went to sleep so well. Nap was a little tricky, but I just had Grady sleep in the guest room and JH nap in their room. It worked well and everyone was happy. Good luck with your decision!

LindsB said...

I never shared a room, but if my room looked like any of those I would have loved to!!

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