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Monday, April 30, 2012

Framed Matches

I blogged before about my collection of matchbooks.  Over the years I have saved them from travels and restaurants, and I have some from my grandmother as well.  Of course today's smoke-free restaurants are a good thing, but I do miss the glamorous bowls of matchbooks sitting on the edge of every restaurant's bar. 

I have been working on our tv/ playroom a bit, and I decided that the gallery wall made the room feel too cluttered.  Instead of 25 small pieces of art, I needed something more substantial.  So I decided to frame my collection of matchbooks in two large frames.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit I tried to DIY first.  I went to Ikea and bought two large frames.  As I finished framing the first and held up the newly framed matchbooks, the frame literally fell apart in my hands.  The quality was just so unbelievably bad.  So after a return trip to Ikea and a $50 refund back in my account, I decided to bite the bullet and have them professionally framed.  Sort of.

A friend recommended The Frame Warehouse here in Charlotte.  They have several locations and always have coupons online.  I found their prices to be lower than Michael's, even when Michael's has 50% off custom framing.

They had tons of custom frames and mats from which to choose.

The frames are priced per linear foot, and they range anywhere from about $3.50 to $15 per linear foot.  Of course, the frame is about 30% of the total cost once you include the mat, glass, labor, etc.

Since gray and gold have been on my mind, I decided on a bluish gray mat and a thin gold frame.  I went with a 30x30-inch square, since I plan to use the framed matchbooks on a large wall with our tv.

After making my frame and mat decisions, the lady gave me a total price, and it was a good bit higher than I expected.  The lady told me it was because of the labor involved in framing 100 matchbooks.  I asked her if I could line up the matchbooks and affix them to the mat myself, and she said yes.  Not only did it save me a lot of money, but it also allowed me to place the matches in the exact order I wanted, with the appropriate side facing out, etc. 

I took the mat home and started laying out the matches on the mat.  I used 3M double faced tape squares to affix the matches to the mat.

It didn't take too long, since I had already done the process once before with the failed Ikea DIY framing.  Once I had all the matchbooks affixed to the mat, I took them back to The Frame Gallery so they could frame everything.

Three days later, the matchbooks were framed!  It's hard to tell from this picture (they are sitting on a full-size sofa), but they are large and will be quite substantial on the wall.

I love how the gray mat and gold frame look together.

I can't wait to get them on the wall!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Vignette

Drinks with Phoebe (Howard)

Pinned Image

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Southern Living's 2012 Tastemakers

Editor Lindsay Bierman has done a fantastic job with Southern Living.  He has modernized the magazine and brought much needed recognition to interior design talent in the South.  The May 2012 issue includes a "Meet the New Tastemakers" section that highlights the work of five southern designers.  It just so happens that the list includes some of my all-time-favorite designers!

Amie Corley from St. Louis is new to me, but you can check out her colorful work here

Our beloved Erika from Urban Grace is in it, too!  I love the collection of paint-by-numbers over her settee.

We are thrilled to see more of Barrie Benson and her work popping up recently!

We have loved Lindsey Coral Harper for several years now, but it's safe to say she stole the hearts of the rest of the world with her House Beautiful feature a few months ago.

Charleston's Angie Hranowky has always brought a sophisticated edginess to the rooms she designs.
Photos courtesy of Outright Social

Congrats to these 5 designers on this well-deserved recognition!  If you don't subscribe to Southern Living, you need to- it isn't your grandmother's Southern Living anymore!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

High Society

Topper felt a certain satisfaction in knowing Tinsley was left with a single lonely foo dog after the divorce.  She would have to make that trip to Pearl River Mart by herself.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shades of Gray

I am not a gray person.  When gray first became popular several years ago, I figured I would never use it in my home.  Like maxi dresses and dark fingernails, I liked gray for other people, but not for me.  Gray just had always seemed a bit lifeless and cold to me. 

While I still don't really have gray in my house, I am warming to the idea.  While it may sound like an unlikely match, I particularly like gray when it is paired with gold accents.  Gold acts as a warm counterpoint to the cool shades of gray, and the pairing of gold and gray also lends an undeniably glamorous element to the room.

Let's take a look.

via Pinterest

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via Pinterest

Elle Decor

Photo via Decor Pad

Decor Pad

Elle Decor

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via Pinterest

Do you like the combination of gold and gray?

Monday, April 23, 2012

First Class

Airplane travel today is not what it used to be.  My granddaddy started an aircraft company after his service in WWII, and his business took him all over the world.  My grandmother often traveled with him, especially during the heyday of glamorous flying in the 1950's and 1960's.  This was when people used to dress up to fly, when stewardesses flight attendants were amiable and looked like models, and when airplane meals were prepared by a chef.   

My grandmother usually kept one or two small momentos from the countries she visited, but she did not keep very much since she did not like clutter.  I recently found a stack of First Class menus from Air France and Alitalia flights.  The colorful birds on the front of the menus are works of art. 

Can you believe these are airplane menus?  Aren't the colors just stunning?

It even specificies the flight and the type of airplane.

It is safe to say that on-flight dining selections have changed over the years...

No doubt, these menus were saved because of their gorgeous covers.  Framing them would be a beautiful reminder of my grandmother and her love of travel.

I had a set of 4 framed prints that I did not really like (who frames a dandelion, really...), and it just so happens that they are EXACTLY the right size to hold the menus without any cutting or alteration of the menus. 

So I took out the yellow flowers, dandelions and all, and left the frames and mats in-tact.  I even had a little helper.

I placed a menu face-down in each of the four frames.

And they turned out great!  I love the birds and bright colors!

They are just what I needed in my family room.

And I love them especially because they remind me of my precious grandmother. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Vignette

Amanda Nisbet does purple.
Master Bedroom
Coastal Living

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Market Watch

Lots of fun new listings on MoS Marketplace!  Keep checking back every day!

Here are a few selections:

Vintage Chinoiserie Ginger Jar Lamp (pair available but one has hairline crack)

Check out these listings and more at!


One of my favorite things to look for at estate sales is vintage bargello pillows.  Bargello is a larger-scale, flat needlepoint style that was popular in the 1960's and early 1970's.  You often see bargello done with vivid colors in flamestitch patterns.

I found this bargello pillow at an estate sale here in Charlotte, and I had to have it!

Bargello is a great way to add color and pattern to a room.  As much as I love today's bright cotton prints, I find bargello pillows to be refreshingly a little old fashioned.  Every room needs something vintage, and a bargello pillow is a great way to add that vintage layer to your space.

Etsy is a fantastic resource for vintage bargello pillows, and if you prefer new, look no further than Mr. Happy Chic himself, Jonathan Adler.

Here are some examples of bargello that I love!

Elle Decor

Jonathan Adler


New York Magazine

Do you have any bargello in your home?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Market Watch

We have tons of new inventory coming into MoS Marketplace!  Please subscribe via email or check back daily!

See this and more on MoS Marketplace

Wednesday's Cheap and Chic

I popped into Old Time Pottery the other day, and once again, it didn't disappoint!  I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I found a Greek key doormat for my front door for $9.99!  I love that it adds a touch of Hollywood Regency style to my front porch.

Then, it was time to drop off some clothes at Goodwill, so I ran in to see if they had any good furniture to show you.  Of course they did! 

I think sometimes it is hard to visualize thrift store pieces in a pretty room, so I've included some inspiring examples of how I would use these thrift store pieces.

Someone beat me to this set of hot pink lacquered French chairs with green leather upholstery.  You don't want to know the price.  $19.99 for all of them.  Seriously.

You could keep them and use them in an all-white room, or re-do them.
Meg Braff

These nesting parsons end tables would be adorable lacquered white (or a color!).  Or upholstered with fun nailhead trim. 

Something along these lines:

Brass lamps galore.  The large ginger jar style was my favorite.  Just add a black shade!

Use it like Eddie Ross did here. 

I have a weakness for bargello.  This hot pink bargello piece is horribly framed but could be totally adorable in the right frame or on a pillow.

I would frame it with a white mat like Phoebe Howard did here for Coastal Living.
Girls Room Overall-051836A

And lastly, there is something fabulously chinoiserie about this large bird print (it was REALLY big).

Okay, so let's be honest, maybe the print isn't quite as fabulous as de Gournay.  But I still like it!

Have you found anything good at Goodwill lately?
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