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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Burl Bargain!

I love the look of burled wood furniture.  It brings a natural element to a room, in a sophisticated manner.  Burled furniture was somewhat popular in the 1970's, usually as a veneer layered over another hard wood.  I have looked for vintage burled pieces here and there, but good quality vintage pieces are generally quite expensive.  Imagine the feeling of pure JOY I felt when I popped into Goodwill and found this table.It was almost hard to notice in the neon Goodwill lighting, amid the fake ficus tree and trashcan full of discarded hangers.  Such is the beauty of shopping at Goodwill. 

But I loved the beautiful wood grain, the sleek modern lines of it, and especially the gorgeous brass trim around the sides.  So I brought it home!

Did I mention the price tag?  $5.99.

A certain little boy always loves to inspect what mommy brings home.  Doesn't taking it outside of Goodwill make it already look better?

The brass hardware is in good shape.  And the bottom shelf makes a nice little hideout.

It is marked Founders from 1977.  There are several pieces of Founders Furniture on 1st Dibs for a pretty penny.  It is super heavy- definitely solid wood under the burl veneer, so the quality is excellent.

The drawers are dovetailed.

The bottom shelf needs a little polishing.  It has lost its luster, so I am going to look in to the best way to revive it.  If anyone knows anything about making burled veneer shine again, please let me know!

I have big plans for this pretty piece of burl.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My lovely and talented friend Jamie has launched a new site for Furbish!  She has added gorgeous pieces of furniture to her online store, as well as trade wallpaper and fabrics, lighting, and tons of fun accessories!  Check it out here

Here are a few of my picks!

I am positively dying at these palm tree chairs.  Just like my favorite BHH wallpaper
Palm Beach Deco Chairs

Every room needs some cheetah.  I love how Jamie uses contrast welt on many of her upholstered pieces.  It is a detail that makes a huge difference.
Neon Piped Leopard Pillow

They remind me so much of the club chair pillows in my favorite LCH living room.

This cheetah wallpaper would be so fun in a powder room.  I love that at first glance you don't even notice the cheetahs because they make such a unique pattern!
Cheetah Wallpaper - Aqua

Abstract art to brighten any space
Piece VII

A gold sea urchin looks perfect on any cofee table.
Brass Urchin Accent - Large

Be sure to check out the new Furbish online store!  And as a thank you, Jamie is offering 15% off on all purchases through March 3 with the code newfurb

Monday, February 27, 2012

Black, White, and Red All Over

I didn't get to tune in for last night's Oscar ceremony since I was traveling, but of course as soon as I got home I had to take a quick spin around the 'net to check out this year's Oscar attire. Other than a few outliers, it looked to me that this year's attendees stuck to some key color groups- white, black, and red. Case in point...

Guiliana Ransic

 Rooney Mara

Gwynnie P

Cameron Diaz

Bridging the gap between black and white, Sandra Bullock

Angie Jo's accessory of choice- a mile of leg.

Judy Greer (side note: after seeing her as the "funny sidekick" in umpteen chick flick comedies over they years, I'm glad she really got to stretch a little in The Decendants. She was awesome).

And those sporting red for the red carpet- Michelle Williams.

Natalie Portman in vintage Givenchy

Emma Stone (technically not red, but awesome nonetheless)

Did you have any Oscar favorites last night?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Vignette

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tory Goes Trad

Well, I think yesterday we all drank the Haterade and established that Xtina's style of boudior-chic decorating is not really our cup of tea. So today, we turn to a house that could definitely be described as the polar opposite. Picture yourself in Southampton, pulling into the drive of a 1920's manor.

Unlike many Hamptons homes, its owner is intent not to reference the beach, but rather, make it comfortable for year-round living.

 Might we even call it trad? Look at that chintz wallpaper. Nary an ikat, jazzy color, or a zigzag in sight.

Which is sort of surprising considering we're looking at the new home of the queen of color and print, Ms. Tory Burch. 

 The hallway strikes me as kind of deco, maybe with jazz-age references. You expect that black and white hallway to lead down to an indoor pool.

The living room is definitely traditional. And you know what- I think it's kind of a refreshing surprise to see a house that's just pretty. No "it" fabrics, no crazy hollywood regency flair, nothing that would look dated a few years from now. There's obviously a lot going on in this room, but it doesn't look like it's trying too hard.

A lovely outside terrace.

A comfortable pooldeck.

Read more about Tory's new home in Vogue here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When Too Much is Too Much

One thing is for sure- spending excessive amounts of money on decorating a house does NOT guarantee a good end result. Christina Aguilera's Beverly Hills house that she recently listed for $13,500,000 is a prime example of that.  I cannot imagine what she spent on the interiors of the house, but I would bet it is well into a 7-figure number. 

The exterior of her house is pretty. Classic Spanish style with ivy-covered arches and manicured grounds.  Based upon the outside of the house, I was hoping the inside would be so pretty in a California-chic way. 
A lot of front: Christina is asking for $13.5m despite the fact there is a housing slump and she paid $2m less in 2008

But once you enter those castle doors, all tastefulness and restraint is thrown out the (very fancy) window. Apparently Xtina really likes the color red.  And "luxurious" fabrics.
Are you reddy? The singer's love of pinks and reds is amply displayed by the foyer's lipstick red chandelier, carpet and curtains

The master bedroom...
Her favourite place: Christina Aguilera will have spent a lot of time in the bedroom when she stayed at the Beverly Hills mansion she put on the market last year for $13.5m

These curtains look like Hefty trash bags to me.
Are you sitting comfortably: Luckily a pair of sunglasses is part of a diva's wardrobe as they will come in handy here

She brings back the wallpaper border in the dining room. And the carousel horse.
Food for though: Christina will have entertained many of her celebrity chums in this dining room thanks to the eccentric decorations

In the abstract, these framed cherry blossom panels (de Gournay?) are perhaps the most redeeming quality of the house. But they are crammed on that wall with the fireplace and door, and I cannot figure out what is going on with that bookcase pushed in front of one of the lower panels.  It is hard to believe that an interior designer would have made these recommendations.
Kitsch: While the decorating might not to be to everyone's taste, it suits Christina's personality

This bathroom is the opposite of relaxing. I don't even notice the beautiful tub in such an overdone room.
She doesn't do things by halves: Even the bathrooms are ornately decorated with chandeliers and lots of gold

Her dressing room looks like the set of Moulin Rouge.
Back to Basics? This room has plenty of different outfits and has ample space for Christina to store her perfumes and make-up

The sofa could be cute on its own. The rug could be cute on its own. But thrown together in this room, complete with video arcade games, all beauty is lost.

Game for a laugh: Christina's collection of arcade games and pinball machines are the envy of youth centres around the world

This is definitely not a bedroom I could ever relax in. Too much is just too much. And did a stylist really place a big brass lamp on that garden stool? 
Polkadot palace: The four-poster bed features gold polkadot voile curtains

Almost every room has individual elements that are good, but the way they are thrown together in such an over-the-top manner with absolutely no restraint whatsoever just ruins it.  I can't wait to see who buys it!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Citron Returns

Citron is having a major moment right now in stores. I can't get enough of this eye popping hue and can't wait to sport a few citron pieces one the weather warms up a bit. There's something so classic about citron. It definitely projects a Palm Springs vibe. Slim Aarons

Elizabeth Taylor

Yet it also looks so perfectly modern, and is surprisingly neutral. It looks great paired with black, white, gray, denim...the list goes on. Emma Watson

Here are a few of my citron favorites. Madewell Jeans

Trina Turk dress

J Crew Tippi sweater

Rebecca Minkoff Mac Clutch

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