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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This year, I didn't go all out with the Christmas decorations.  We have a tree (my 16-month old has removed all of the ornaments on the lower 36-inches), a nativity scene, advent calendar, and a wreath on the front door.  And I am totally okay with that.  My children are so excited for Christmas, and it has nothing to do with the decorations (or lack thereof) in our house this year. 

I decided not to add a bow to the wreath on our front door.  I love the wreath's natural shape, and it just feels a touch more modern and organic without a bow.

My mom goes to a small hardware store and buys perfect red velvet bows every year.  And they look beautiful at her house.  But I am liking the unadorned, bow-less look on my front door.  My friend Traci Zeller has a bow-less wreath, too.  And so do these folks:

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Images via Pinterest

via Elle Decor

via Southern Living

via Southern Living

Do you prefer a wreath with our without a bow?


LindsB said...

Sometimes I think a wreath calls for a bow and other times I think its natural beauty is all it needs. In your case I'm really loving the wreath sans bow- it looks really beautiful on your front door!

Betsy said...

Your wreath is gorgeous! I have a magnolia wreath that I've managed to preserve and use for 3 years! We added a tartan bow this year, but next year I might try bow-less.

Julie said...

My wreath needs a bow - it isn't as naturally pretty. I think yours looks beautiful.

Jan Jessup said...

A suggestion for your little one: buy a small tree (i.e. 24-36") just for your toddler and supply unbreakable ornaments that can be added or removed at will. Maybe it won't work this year--but by next year, he/she should be able to understand to NOT touch the big tree because the little tree is for play and just for them.
Happy decorating!
Jan Jessup,
Calico Corners - Calico Home

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I think I agree with you - enjoy the wreath for its form, texture and simplicity!

The Pink Pagoda said...

Your wreath is beautiful without adornment! I like to add a red bow to tie in the red cyclamen in the planters on either side of the door.

Nancy said...

Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your family!
xo Nancy

Jennifer C. Webb said...

the natural wreath on that beautiful door is just right, great paint color. We opted for a tabletop tree this year....a real one...but on a table with the ornaments out of reach. First year for us without broken ornaments

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