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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ruthie Sommers in Veranda

I've long admired the work of Southern-born, LA-based decorator Ruthie Sommers.  Domino made her famous (to me at least), and she never disappoints.  She designed a Chicago home for a young couple that is featured in the new Veranda.  The couple told her they wanted bright, happy colors against the gray Chicago sky, so that is exactly what she delivered!

The living room's pastel hues are comfortable and soothing.  I especially love the lacquered blue ceiling. 
Pinned Image

She used more saturated hues of the same living room colors in the vibrant family room.  Yellow, purple, and aqua might sound like unlikely bedfellows, but Ruthie knows how to make them work.
VERsom ND12 09 lgn 93338321

The little girl's room is classic Ruthie Sommers style with a large dose of Palm Beach chic.
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A mirrored wall makes the vanity feel old and French. 
VERsom ND12 06 lgn 29250925

In a Miles-Redd-esque hallway, the walls were lacquered and doors were upholstered.
VERsom ND12 05 lgn 73138722

The master bedroom is a chinoiserie dream.
VERsom ND12 07 lgn 62606120

Ruthie added a touch of the exotic with Moorish shapes in the bathroom.
VERsom ND12 08 lgn 49458954

Just a reminder that if you don't already subscribe to Veranda, you need a subscription.  I think it is now my favorite shelter mag.  The belgian beige days of yore are (generally) gone. 

Sidenote about my brush with Ruthie Sommers fame...  I was at the post office about a year ago, waiting in line to mail something.  I PROMISE I wasn't intentionally looking at the address on the box of the lady in front of me, but the name Ruthie Sommers ______ (she has a different last name, Mc-something) jumped out at me, written in huge letters on the box's address!  I wanted to tap the nice lady on the shoulder and tell her how much I loved Ruthie's work but thought that might defy post office courtesy.  So I kept my mouth shut and felt star-struck for the rest of the afternoon.


Chateau À Gogo said...

I love Ruthie and am now loving Veranda since Dara took it over. If we can't have Domino, at least we can have Dara :) - Brandy

Anonymous said...

Ruthie Sommers is from Charlotte in case you didn't know.

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