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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas with Eddie Ross in Country Living

At long last we are seeing a sneak peak of Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar's new (old) house in Connecticut.  Eddie decorates for Christmas in the new Country Living, and as is quintessentially Eddie, he mixes high with low and old with new for a classic, collected look.  One of my favorite aspects of his holiday decorating is that he doesn't force traditional red and green to work with his decor.  Instead, he decorates for the holidays using colors already prevalent in his home.  I love this idea!  And it gives you something fun to shop for- holiday decor that blends with your everyday colors.

Let's take a look!

Instead of adding a large tree that displaces furniture and the flow of his home, Eddie uses a beautifully decorated tabletop tree.  It looks beautiful with a limited color palette and large number of ornaments.

In the dining room, Eddie adds a complimentary turquoise and navy floor-length tablecloth to a round table.  He uses turquoise and brass accents instead of adding red and green to the room.

Eddie found these festive bells at Goodwill and added them to his front door.

Another tabletop tree, in the same turquoise color scheme.  Interior wreaths look beautiful on large unadorned windows.

Eddie adds holiday spirit to a classical plaster bust using garland from Michael's.

Tiny details like a small preserved boxwood wreath add cheer to a guest room.

Eddie and Jaithan on the front porch of their new home!
Photos courtesy of Country Living


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Love Eddie Ross! and I love the idea of the table top trees! Gorgeous decorating but I expected so less from him!

Ashley said...

Beautiful! No one decorates better for a party or a holiday than Eddie Ross.

Dina @ Honey + Fitz said...

He can do no wrong in my book. I love how effortless it all looks. Must find a bust ASAP :)

Nancy said...

Perfection. And it does speak of them, like the shirt dressing on the dining table, something Eddie would wear. Love them.
xo Nancy

Melissa said...

Love me some Eddie! I'm also loving how I see some really glam elements mixed in with the rustic--off to the bookstore to buy a copy!

Karen Albert said...

Beautiful Sarah! I miss seeing Eddie and Jaithan! I love all of these ideas.

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lizziefitz said...

Eddie & Jaithan just exude style & glam. Thanks for sharing their gorgeous new home!

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