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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Better Homes is Getting Better!

I have some of my grandmother's old Better Homes and Gardens decorating books from the 1960's, and they capture the peak of interior chic of that era.  Since then, BHG has definitely moved away from high fashion home decor and more towards a mass market (and rightfully so- they are a huge publication).  I think I signed up for it when it was $5 on Amazon, and I have to admit when I flipped through the latest November issue, I liked what I saw, particularly the work of interior designer Meg Lonergan.

Check out Meg's home, which perfectly mixes high and low, old and new for a collected look. 

To give the appearance of built-in bookshelves, Meg added floor-to-ceiling Ikea Expedits to her living room.  Would you have ever guessed?  I love the bullseye mirror layered overtop them.  Notice also that she had a custom rug made for the room- this is a detail that makes such a difference in good design, if you can afford it.

Meg found the pair of armchairs beside a dumpster.  She upholstered them in an up-to-date ikat for a modern look.

Using an old steel column as the base, Meg had a craftsman create the wood top, balancing the heaviness of the table with visually light ghost chairs.

Instead of the typical beige walls with white trim, Meg accents the gorgeous trim in her home with a darker paint color contrasted against light walls.

In the master bedroom, Meg splurged on antique chests beside the bed but saved by finding the Audubon lithographs at a thrift store.

Great story in Better Homes and Gardens!  And we love finding new (to us) talent like Meg Lonergan!


Nicole said...

Thanks so much for the intro to Meg Lonnergan's work. I subscribe to a million shelter magazines but never feel like I have the time to read any of them, so I would have missed the BHG feature for sure. I love that her work is current but also pretty and traditional, much in the same way my fave Nick Olsen Veranda spread is. That's my own personal aesthetic, and I feel like it's tough to find since Southern Accents left us.

Meg said...

Thank you so much Sarah! Such sweet words, Glad to have found each other! :)Meg

Anonymous said...

love every room. Ikat chairs are gorgeous.

Betsy said...

Gorgeous house! Thanks for featuring.

Kiley said...

Love love love this. Meg, I hope you see this. The bedroom is divine. I love the linens and shams. Any chance you can tell me about the fabrics?

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Wow! I am officially off to stalk Meg and buy that issue. Adore her house. The bookshelve idea is genius!

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