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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Consolation Purchase

In case you missed that blog post, I missed this fabulous lifesize plaster zebra by about 30 seconds.  I still regret it.

When I went to Atlanta last weekend, guess what was sitting in my friend's amazing dining room?  A lifesize terracotta zebra.  My friend's house is a spacious 1890's Victorian with large rooms, so the zebra is perfectly perched in a corner of her dining room.  She purchased it from a Florida dealer at Scott's.  I die at its fabulousness.

Sadly, I didn't find a lifesize zebra at Scott's on Saturday.  And to be honest, there isn't a great place for it in my ranch-style home.  Or that is what I tell myself, although if I happened to find one I am SURE I could get rid of a sofa or something practical like that to make a place for it.

I did spot this smaller version at Scott's, and I had to bring him home with me.  He is Italian, in absolutely perfect condition, and although not lifesize, at nearly 2-feet long he is no shrinking violet.  I like how his glazed grassy green bed contrasts with the black and white.

He is already part of the family and has gained the love and admiration of two little children.  My husband likes him, too.  It's a win/win.  Until I find another lifesize zebra.

Do you love zebras?


Melissa said...

There was one at Design Archives a few months ago-- I'll see if it's still there. It was more than I spend for resale, but still well-priced. I dunno-- I have a 1930's Cape Cod with small-ish rooms. My grandfather had Gen. McArthur's war room desk (my grandfather was an honest-to-goodness spy, and worked directly under McArthur in Japan during WWII) turned into a lacquered tansu-style bar cabinet. It's sitting in my living room with a 3-foot-tall ceramic giraffe statue that my other grandmother bought in the early 1960's. I think there's always room for a little taxidermy...

Betsy said...

It's perfect! We have a zebra on our mantel (it's a VERY miniature version of the larger one you pictured). It took my husband a minute to get used to it, but he named him "Frank" and it's grown on him :)

Julie said...

I love your new zebra! I am so glad that your family does, too. I can only imagine how excited your little ones were to see him show up on Sunday!

drartunc said...

I like shooting zebras

traci zeller designs said...

I like the junior version!! I still think sweet S might be startled by a life-size zebra! ;-)

My Crafty Home Life said...

I love it! You never know how the universe will reward you.

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