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Monday, August 27, 2012

Playroom Bookshelves

If you have little ones, you know how easy it is to pile stacks of children's books everywhere and have bookshelves that look like this:

Let's be honest- sometimes it feels like every surface in my house looks like that!

I have long felt inspired by Dale Chihuly's book wall in which he has the front covers of his book collections facing out.

Wanting to achieve a similar effect in my playroom, I went to Ikea and bought some Ribba picture ledges. 
RIBBA Picture ledge IKEA The picture ledge makes it easy to vary your favorite motifs as often as you like.

I planned to place the shelves on both sides of our playroom tv to hold books, covers facing out.  Not only would they be functional, but displaying the colorful covers would eliminate the need for purchasing art for that expansive wall.  Win/win.

I started out with the blank wall, a level, and my drill.  I planned out where the shelves should go and marked where to drill the screws.  (I did this before I painted the walls, by the way.  I hadn't decided on a final paint color at the time but was antsy to hang the shelves.  So a couple weeks later after I finalized the paint color, I had to take the shelves down to paint.  But it was easy to put them back up in their already marked holes.)

I made sure that at least one of the screws was going into a stud, just to be safe.  Then, using the level constantly, I screwed the shelves to the wall.

A little strawberry blonde helper assisted on the project.

The top shelves are the perfect place to display special books that are off-limits (now) to little fingers, like ones that belonged to my parents when they were little. 

Sure, it's a little less dramatic than the Chihuly wall o' books.  But so far, it is working great in my playroom!


kayce hughes said...

I love it!

traci zeller designs said...

Looks great! Those shelves are perfect for that!

Audrey said...

Where did you get the cute child's table and blue chairs? Love the project!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

It's practical, it's art! Perfect!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Love it. If only I had a playroom. I had been wanting to do something similar in my son's room as well.

goheels83 said...

Love it!! I love that Chihuly wall as well. Great interpretation of it!

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