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Monday, July 2, 2012

Exceptional Expedits

Since I've been working on our office/ playroom downstairs, I've been looking at various storage options.  Built-ins aren't in the budget right now, and even if they were, I am not sure I am ready to commit to something so permanent.  For something off-the-rack, Ikea's Expedit Bookcases seem to really fit the bill.  They are so practical for office organization and toy organization.  And they are available in a white lacquer finish, which is perfect for my basement.  While there isn't a ton I would buy at Ikea, the Expedit bookcases seem like a good choice for a home office and a playroom. 

Here are some brilliant ways I have seen them styled.

Interior designer Betsy Burnham uses Expedits in her chic office.  Who says pagoda chandeliers and tartan plaid don't work together?!

images via Lonny

A 2x4 Expedit unit laid horizontally provides you with storage as well as a good surface to work on.
Kate S. Jordan & David Chanpong

When your ceilings are tall enough (my basement ceilings are not), it looks fabulous to hang a large piece of art over the Expedit.

I never tire of Domino's Tori Mellot's office, where she used an Expedit to create the illusion of a wall.
via Domino

How brilliant are these two 1x4 Expedits turned into benches?  Just have a seamstress make a cushion, and it makes the perfect bench for a playroom or mudroom.

via I Heart Organizing (although this site always crashes my computer)

If you have and Expedit, I'd love to hear whether you've been happy with it!


Mary F said...

We have a 4 by 4 in our kids' playroom, and I can't wait to use another when we redecorate our office to accommodate a space for hem to do one work. Will probably use them two ways: a bookcase as well as a "built-in" bench. In addition, love that Ikea nclydes wall anchors...

My Crafty Home Life said...

I love all the images you posted. By the way, I love the new header...not sure when you changed it, but is is beautiful!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Thanks for featuring my bookcase, Sarah! I'm a big fan of the expedit! I also like the Billy too- more display potential because the shelves are wider.

Anonymous said...

Once again MoS has the creative juices flowing. Love the ideas.

Debbie said...

I have the 5x5 and LOVE it. I bought the inserts so two sections are set up as drawers and three have doors - that's along the whole bottom. Then the rest has a mix of books and decorative items. The shelves are a little deeper than normal bookcases so I can put a small figurine in front of some books.

Jess @ said...

I love that bench idea! I have an expedit (2x4) that's laying on its side in my hallway - I use it as a bookshelf and have a printer on top of it, next to my desk!

Sylvie said...

We have the giant 4x4 in our living room. The top 2 rows and the bottom row have rattan baskets (small, rectangle and square) and the 3rd row has a giant piece of coral in each.

Then we have 3 of the 2x2s in our dinig room as a buffet. I have file boxes in the bottom row, then cake stands, cookie jars, etc. in the top row. It looks cute with tall lamps on the ends and our wine rack in the middle. It's so long so there's plenty of room for food if we need the space.

Adelaide's Garden said...

This post came at the perfect time as I am redoing the playroom with expedit 2x4 bookcases. They are the maple stain and I am going to paint them navy along with an old bench to make a "built in". We will see what happens!

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

This post was so inspiring for me! Our playroom/family room is a big work in progress for me. I'm definitely going to pick up this bookcase for some more storage. Love all these creative ways to use this affordable bookcase for playroom storage!

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