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Monday, July 23, 2012

Dark Done Right

Using large amounts of black in home decor is risky business.  It takes an exceptionally well-trained eye to do it well, and candle-turned-fashion-executive Harry Slatkin (with the help of his designer brother, Howard) has that eye.  The new Harper's features the UES home he shares with his wife and 13-year old twins, and while gray and black are prevalent throughout the apartment, the result is glamorous and comfortable. 

In studying his home, there are a few things that jump out as keys to using black successfully.  One of the keys to using large amounts of black is to pair it with lighter walls and with gold and brass accents rather than silver or chrome.  The gold instantly adds warmth to offset any coldness from the black and gray.  You may also notice the prevalence of (live) plants and trees in his home, adding color and vigor to the home.  Finally, black is more sophisticated when it is used with antiques rather than pieces that are shiny and new.

Let's take a look.

Photos by Douglas Friedman

And if you care to see black done not-so-well, check out the photos of Nicky Hilton's LA home that is for sale.  Yes, of course I love the kitchen wallpaper.  But the rest of the house feels cold to me, despite what I imagine is a large decorating pricetag by Faye Resnick (warning: if you google her, the images may not be appropriate for work!)

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Kim@Chattafabulous said...

The bedroom is fab. Love the headboard!

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