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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Dot or Not?

I can't decide how I feel about polka dots.  I want to love them, but I am just not sure.  Maybe it is too many Pottery Barn Teen catalogs, but sometimes polka dots leave me feeling like they belong in puffy pink tween bedrooms. 

Let's take a look.

I so badly want to love this little vignette, but I can't help but wish that these stools were any fabric other than polka dot. 
House Beautiful

I *think* I like polka dots on this French tub chair.  I think.

I don't mind dots in this Sarah Richardson nursery.  They seem appropriate for a nursery, especially when paired with other "mature" fabrics.

In a modern home, I do like this polka dot art piece, paired with sleek midcentury furniture.
via Metropolitan Home

One way to ease yourself into using polka dots is to find a fabric with abstract dots that don't have perfectly circular lines.
House Beautiful

Brunschwig and Fil's Les Touches is part polka dot, part animal print.  I love it.

I used abstract dot fabric in my little girl's nursery.

For clothing, I do love small swiss dots. 

And tonal dots.
Image via Sartorialist

And I am tempted by this navy and white Old Navy top (although being tall and curvy, I am not sure if I can pull it off.  Maybe it's best left to petite, gamine body types).

Do you like true polka dots in your home and wardrobe, or do you prefer less literal, more abstract or tonal versions?


Melissa said...

I strongly dislike polka dots in interiors. I like the dot ikat fabric OK-- I have a few pillows in my house, but that's the extent of it. Do like the tonal dot shirt, though!

Betsy said...

Love them (mostly) for clothes, probably a bit more hesitant in my home! Though I agree- that red/white dotted fabric on the chair looks really good.

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

I like them for clothes too - and my favorite is the swiss dot! Jcrew had a pretty polka dot blouse this spring too that I had my eye on...I'm with you that first vignette would be so gorgeous if it weren't for the fabric on those benches!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I want to like polka dots in interiors, but I cannot get there! I do love abstract dots, though. And your baby girl's room is still my all time favorite nursery!


Cathy said...

I've used polka dot fabric in my kids rooms - it's a whimsical touch (once on a bedskirt and once on a window seat) - but whenever I consider it for clothing the piece ends up sitting in my closet unworn.

the Queen City Style said...

Another great post. I am following you completely. I think I am okay with the first image, but I might tire of the polka dots quickly. The image of the dining room, however, I have torn from that issue of House Beautiful I love it so. I felt the design was great inspiration for some quick and easy fixes. Well done!

Lalla said...

Without meaning to, I have found myself with quite a few polka dots shirts... so I guess I like them in my wardrobe! I have never thought about them in my home, but I love your use of them in your nursery!

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