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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday's Cheap and Chic

As I was walking through Home Depot the other day, something unexpected caught my eye- a starburst mirror!  

It has a 30-inch diameter, which is a good size, and I like the lines of it.  And it is $35!  Between this mirror and the versions you can always find at Homegoods, there really is no reason to spend big bucks on a starburst mirror.

Check it out at your local Home Depot!


Karen said...

I have this sunburst mirror in my family room. Love it!

goheels83 said...

Wow - what an awesome deal! Love it.

the Queen City Style said...

Wow! Nice catch! Thanks for sharing :)

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

AHHH - my mom bought this for her bedroom and i have to say im pleasantly surprised. for almost nothing, it looks AWESOME!

PS - MOST IMPORTANTLY - love the new site overhaul.... so GREAT

Becolorful said...

oh yeah, sign me up for that one. Love the price. May have to check that out this weekend. Thanks for the heads up.

Liz said...


Erin @ 110 + 2 said...

I have this in my living room and love it more than I thought I would. That's a lot of look for $35. And I LOVE that the mirror is convex. That's what sold me to begin with.

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