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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Painted Molding

Painting molding a shade other than white is a wonderful way to add coziness and depth to a room.  It is an unexpected detail that makes a room unique.  There are so many ways to use non-white molding, as we will see below.

Painting the molding several shades darker than the wall color creates a cohesive look and isn't as risky as painting the molding a completely different color.

via Elle Decor

Glossy chocolate brown molding highlights the texture and more saturated hues of grasscloth wallpaper. 
via Palmer Weiss

Another option is to paint the molding the exact same color as the rest of the room.  This is especially smart when you aren't in love with the lines of your molding or really want your furniture to pop against the walls. 

Every surface in this closet, including the molding, is highly lacquered for a glamorous effect.
via Elle Decor

Keep window treatments very simple (or even non-existent) by painting the molding a contrasting color from the walls.  You really notice the large windows in this room, particularly when paired with neutral furnishings.
via Elle Decor

It takes a bold and fearless decorator to use glossy black paint on the molding.  But it looks amazing in this red dining room.

Black molding makes this bedroom crisp without feeling stark.

I don't have any non-white molding in my home, but I would love to be brave enough to try a color one day.  Do you have non-white molding in your home?


Melissa said...

I'm using our upstairs as a way to experiment with this. We have painted hardwoods up there, and so I decided let's just paint some s more wood.... my oldest's room is a very similar color palatte to the first picture. Love it!

Kathryn Ivey said...

I love painting the moldings a different really sets a room apart and doesn't make it feel like everyone else's space. I painted the trim on the windows in my old, row house black, and I love how they give the space a sense of glamour/sophistication. I recently painted a client's living room with white walls and blue turned out charming!

Kim said...

I love painted moldings and love your photos. It scares some of my clients ... I can use your inspiration photos to help them!

My Crafty Home Life said...

I can never decide on this one. I always do white, because I feel like colors will feel "dingy". I really should branch out and give it a try. Great pictures!

Kathleen said...

I like the look of molding the same color as the wall - especially in a more contemporary space. However I'm never sure how to handle transitions between rooms. Would the back of the door be the color of the room it opens into and the front the previous room? I'm leaning toward painting all my moldings and doors a glossy black. I think it will really look smart and updated from the white. I have rooms painted really saturated colors.

LindsB said...

I love love love this! I cant wait to have my own house so I can paint all my mouldings fun colors. I even did a post on this very thing a few weeks ago and I have all different examples from you, I love that!

I'm pinning all of yours now so I have a big collection of colored woodwork :)

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