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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Layering with Matchstick Blinds

One of my favorite ways to add depth and texture to a room is to layer matchstick or bamboo shades under curtain panels.  They are inexpensive (around $50 per window) and add an organic element to a room.  Moreover,  matchstick shades are functional, as they can easily provide privacy so that you don't want to have to constantly open and close curtain panels.  In a room, they have a similar effect to a seagrass rug, lending an air of informality and coziness, and I love them in all styles of rooms.

This is one of my all-time favorite rooms, as it has both formal and informal, coastal and sophisticated elements.  The painted molding is another one of my favorites, but I'll save that for another blog post.
Elle Decor

If you are using curtain panels and want to make your windows look larger, hang matchstick blinds using an "outside mount" so they are as high and wide as possible.  Mount them directly below the curtain hardware, and make them as wide as the window molding.
via Southern Living

If you have a wide bank of windows, buying fabric for curtains that actually cover the windows can be quite an investment.  Instead, you can "cheat" by making dummy panels that don't actually close, with matchstick blinds layered behind the panels.  You don't want your panels to be skimpy, but if you have matchstick blinds, it is okay if they don't actually close.  And with all the money you are saving by using the blinds, maybe you can justify using a more expensive fabric for the panels!
House Beautiful

Matchstick blinds look fantastic when paired with grasscloth wallpaper in a coastal setting.  You always want to be able to cover bedroom windows (presumably!), and matchstick blinds are the perfect way to add privacy. 
Coastal Living

These breakfast room shades are hung outside the molding and up to the ceiling, making the windows look larger than they are, which is appropriate for this large scale banquette and table. (I also LOVE these chairs).

Matchstick blinds are not just for traditional spaces.  Jonathan Adler used matchstick blinds in this fab retro-modern room.

via Pinterest

Another modern space...

via Domino

I actually don't have any matchstick blinds in my house, but I think that will change soon!  Do you?


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Love those blinds! xx

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I'd love to know your favorite source for affordable matchstick blinds. I looked into woven shades for one of my larger windows and was quoted $1,000-and that was a sale price (at JCP!)

Melissa said...

Thank you! All these pictures really helps with my window questions!

Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains said...

I do!!! Home Depot and Lowes have a great selection! We have the lighter ones downstairs (need to finish buying them) and had the darker in the upstairs office, need to rehang them in the guest room!

the Queen City Style said...

Love this post, Sarah. Matchstick blinds seem to be the perfect dressing for a window... with or without added curtains. Love all your images and the diversity featured. Whitley

My Crafty Home Life said...

I love this look, too. I do have some matchstick blinds.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I was just measuring my windows of my new place last night (after removing the fussy curtains)for matchstick blinds. Love the filtered light they give!

Matters of Style said...

Karen- I'm not sure about pricing for larger windows, but Overstock has standard size shades for around $50 a window. Amazon does, too. Hope that helps!

Barbara Wells said...

Love your blog. You have so many good ideas. On your MOS site, I think the lucite ice bucket is divine! Would look so good on a bar cart!

Larry Bostick said...

Magnificent and wonderful! I just wonder why it was a matchstick style or it is because it was made my matchsticks or the shape was considerable with the shapes of the matchsticks. The window looks good. You got a perfect rate from me!

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