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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lindsey Coral Harper Talks to MoS!

I have been following Georgia-born, NYC-based interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper for several years now, and she is undoubtably one of my favorite designers.  Lindsey isn't afraid to use color and pattern, but she knows how to also use restraint to find that perfect balance and create a sophisticated room.  I love learning about designers and their design processes, so I was delighted when she agreed to answer some questions for MoS!

MoS:  You dazzled everyone with the Charlotte home recently featured in House Beautiful. Were your clients a little nervous about using so much color, or did they just let you run with it?
LCH: I knew that the client loved geometrics and fresh color. I showed her a few schemes, she fell in love with them and let me run with whatever I thought throughout the rest of the house.

House Beautiful
MoS:  You mentioned in the House Beautiful story that you splurged on the living room curtain fabric but saved other places. In a typical project (if there is such a thing), where do you like to splurge, and where do you like to save?
LCH:  Every job is different. It is all about balance. Clients also value things differently. I try to first figure out the overall look of the room and then figure out what is important value-wise to the client. I say splurge on a few things you absolutely love, understand the value of proper curtains and pillows, invest in staples, sofas, etc.,. Save on your accessories by buying vintage and at local shops.
House Beautiful

MoS:  Although you live in NYC, you are originally a Georgia girl. Do you think that there are certain Southern sensibilities reflected in your work?
LCH:  Of course, I definitely work with clients that are on a budget. Decorating can add up, the trick is to make it look like you spent millions! That comes with layering and really getting to know how the client lives in the space. I also think every home needs a bar…and that comes from being brought up in the South. I also love to set the table when I’m installing a client’s home. I love to make custom linens and help clients pick out their china, etc.

House Beautiful
MoS:  If you could team up with anyone, dead or alive, for a project, who would it be?
LCH:  How does one decide? Elsie de Wolfe, Sister Parish, Nancy Lancaster, Dorothy Draper or Tony Duquette

Sister Parish
MoS:  It’s a typical spring Saturday in NYC. Where do you go/ what do you do for inspiration?
LCH:  I love walking down Madison Ave everyday on my walk to work and seeing all the shop windows, the creativity you can see here on a daily basis is amazing. I also live right by some of the best Museums in the world…so I pop in and out of the Whitney, the Frick, the Met on a typical Saturday.

The Whitney Museum

MoS:  You are not afraid to use color. Do you have a favorite color combination at the moment?
LCH:  I’m really loving acid yellow and gray and plum and yellow….all of these rich jewel tones with a splash of neon add such a zolt of energy.

House Beautiful

MoS:  You need to find the perfect accessory to finish a room. Where do you go to find it?
LCH:  Nearest and dearest thrift or junk store!! I love a junk store…I could dig for hours!

MoS:  Your table line LAMSHOP is absolutely fabulous. Tell us a little more about your design process there, the customization process, what you offer, etc.
LCH:  Thank you! It developed out of a need to find tables that were classic but interesting. They are so versatile…we can make our tables in any shape/size any color you want. Lacquered or lacquered linen. We also offer really beautiful and fun hand-painted decorative finishes such as faux malachite, faux shagreen, faux tortoise, camouflage, custom monogramming…if you can dream it we can make it! They are all made here in the US and made-to-order…but they don’t have a long leadtime. 

Lindsey, thank you so much for sharing with us!  We look forward to seeing so much more of your fabulous work!


My Crafty Home Life said...

This was so I love her even more.

kayce hughes said...

such a fun interview!

Betsy said...

Great interview! Loved the questions you thought to ask.

Jerith@BaileyFoxInteriors said...

I love it when designers of great looking homes aren't afraid to admit they are junk-store-aholics!

Like Me Some said...

Fantastic interview!! I love her work and use of color!! The 1st bedroom is a jaw dropper as are the other rooms!!

Lindsey said...

Thanks Sarah!! I love your blog and have to tell you those were terrific, thought-provoking questions!! Thank you again for the lovely blog write-up! I sincerely appreciate it. xo

Lindsey said...

Thanks Sarah!! I love your blog and have to tell you those were terrific
, thought-provoking questions!! Thank you again for the lovely blog write-up! I sincerely appreciate it. xo

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

This article was so interesting! I'm such a fan of Lindsey Coral Harper's work - her designs always jump out at me right away when I see them. I loved learning a little more about her design style and how she produces such incredible designs. Thank you MOS!

Brooke said...

This was a great interview. I haven't yet jumped on board with the bold colors in my house yet. I like looking at it in pictures and in other houses but not sure I'd like it in my own. :/

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