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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Move Over, Jack!

Without a doubt, Jack Rogers are a great summertime sandal.  They are versatile and grow increasingly comfortable with each wear so they eventually fit your foot like a glove.  I remember buying my first pair of Jack Rogers in high school to wear with my first Lilly dress, a dress I purchased from Capitol (that tells you how long ago it was, when Capitol carried Lilly Pulitzer).  

I haven't bought any new Jack Rogers in a few years, though, because although I like how they look, I prefer something a little flatter for everyday wear.  When I am running around town during the day, I would rather wear a shoe that is totally flat than something with a stacked heel.

I have never been someone to dig through racks of clothes at Marshalls (and I am jealous of people who find fab clothes there), but the Marshalls near my house does have good shoes.  The other day, I saw what appeared to be Jack Rogers and took a closer look. 

They are a brand called Mila Paoli and are made in Italy of real leather.  They are flatter than Jack Rogers and have a rubber sole so they are incredibly comfortable.  And they were $35. 

I bought them in cork with gold stitching and in snakeskin-embossed leather.  I wore them all week at the beach, and seriously they are so much better than I ever expected.  I did a little research, and apparently Mila Paoli is one of the Marshalls house brands.  Still, to be made in Italy of real leather, cute, and extremely comfortable (and $35), I'll take them.  Even if they were just as expensive as Jack Rogers, I would choose them over Jack because they are more comfortable.   These will definitely be my go-to shoe for spring and summer.

What is your go-to shoe for spring?


designchic said...

So cute. Love both the cork and the snakeskin - perfect with everything for Summer!!

Lulu {The Home You Make} said...

I love my Jacks and saw these at my local Marshalls too. Thanks for giving me the green light!!

A View from the Sidelines said...

I found 2 pair of real Jacks at my Marshall's last winter for $39.99! I have the cork/gold but like your better!

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

I picked up the cork yesterday. Great find. Thank you for the tip MOS!

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize that was a Marshall's brand---I have a black pair and the cork/gold ones and agree that they are MUCH more comfortable than real Jack Rogers, which I find hard. These have better cushioning and you can't beat the price! Now if they would just make the knock-off wedges too I'd be all set! :)

Melinda said...

I've worn Jack Rogers from the time I was a little girl growing up in the Palm Beaches. Everybody wore them! They are pricey though, and as I got older I had trouble with the hard wooden heel causing back pain. So, that was the end of J.R. (no pun intended) until I found my white Mila Paoli "Jack Rogers" at Marshalls. They were like slippers from the first day I purchased. Now I am trying to hunt down some in black and bright colors. Wish me luck!

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