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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Burl Bargain!

I love the look of burled wood furniture.  It brings a natural element to a room, in a sophisticated manner.  Burled furniture was somewhat popular in the 1970's, usually as a veneer layered over another hard wood.  I have looked for vintage burled pieces here and there, but good quality vintage pieces are generally quite expensive.  Imagine the feeling of pure JOY I felt when I popped into Goodwill and found this table.It was almost hard to notice in the neon Goodwill lighting, amid the fake ficus tree and trashcan full of discarded hangers.  Such is the beauty of shopping at Goodwill. 

But I loved the beautiful wood grain, the sleek modern lines of it, and especially the gorgeous brass trim around the sides.  So I brought it home!

Did I mention the price tag?  $5.99.

A certain little boy always loves to inspect what mommy brings home.  Doesn't taking it outside of Goodwill make it already look better?

The brass hardware is in good shape.  And the bottom shelf makes a nice little hideout.

It is marked Founders from 1977.  There are several pieces of Founders Furniture on 1st Dibs for a pretty penny.  It is super heavy- definitely solid wood under the burl veneer, so the quality is excellent.

The drawers are dovetailed.

The bottom shelf needs a little polishing.  It has lost its luster, so I am going to look in to the best way to revive it.  If anyone knows anything about making burled veneer shine again, please let me know!

I have big plans for this pretty piece of burl.  Stay tuned!


Melissa said...

L.O.V.E.!!! I'm rehabing a cabinet with burl doors right now, and I worked on a set a few months ago. VERY lighly sand-- like 330 grit-- and then find a stain that matches the original one. Wipe it on (1-2 coats) then seal with a wipe-on latex poly. That is SO beautiful! (And I didn't realize that Founders was a 1st Dibs treasure-- thanks for the head's up! It's a division of Thomasville, and the stuff is always SO heavy, so I should have known!)

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

That is such an awesome score! You might try a few of Formby's products for making the bottom shelf look better.

Dina @ Honey + Fitz said...

$5.99?!?!?! That's less than you'd pay for a meal at Chipotle :) Thank goodness you got it, I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Jenny Castle Design said...

What a gorgeous piece - can't wait to see what you do with it!

Aesthetic Oiseau said...

I just picked up a sweet little burlwood table at HomeGoods...planning a post on the look! What a great find!!!

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

Nice score! That table is fabulous. I adore burled wood. I've got my eye on a deco wardrobe here locally...a deal for sure, but it sure isn't $5.99. Way to go!

Erin @ NonShrinking Violets said...

And I thought I had a good day with my $10 pair of Parson's Stools!

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