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Monday, January 9, 2012

Thinking in the Abstract

For a looooong time, I was not on board with abstract art. At all. To me, fine art meant an Stubbs painting of a horse in a gold frame. Or one of those monster Rococo portraits you see in a museum. I guess I had a hard time getting on board with more modern art because I didn't know anything about it. Not that I know a whole lot more now, but in the last couple of years I have really come to appreciate what modern art brings to the table. As opposed to being so literal, it lets your mind play a little bit. And rather than causing chaos in a room, often it's the very component that brings it together.

And all of these musings were confirmed when I opened this month's Elle Decor to see this Sally Benedict piece in Ashley Stark's living room. Jaw dropping.

I love how abstract art can play up a certain color you're looking to accent, while incorporating new ones too.

It can be bold like the Benedict piece above, or it can be soothing and serene.

It doesn't even have to be a painting on a canvas, per se.

I LOVE love love the use of abstract art in a nursery. This kid is going to be cool!

 And so's this one. I think this piece is by one of my favorites, Michelle Armas. Michelle's pieces also have the benefit of being somewhat affordable...check them out!

And of course, here's some great art used in a bedroom. Love that velvet headboard, by the way. Perfectly complements the art (and vise versa).

A lot of people look at abstract art and say "I could do that! It's just some squiggles on a canvas." Well, I said that too. So I broke out some paints and canvases that my brother gave me for Christmas a while back. The only a brother could love (he deemed them awesome and wants me to send them to him...I think he is just being nice). 

Until years of practice turns me into Sally Benedict (ha, never happening), I think I'll leave the abstract art to the pros! One of those Michelle Armas pieces has my name all over it...


Jenny Castle Design said...

I adore abstract art - it can be such a pleasant surprise with it's bold colors, yet often an understated look. I'm also a big fan of Michelle Armas, she is so talented!

designchic said...

I'm a very eclectic art lover. My taste runs from the most traditional to wonderfully modern...these images are fabulous!!

bluehydrangea said...

Loving all the abstracts!! I think they really liven up a room full of traditional furniture. I bought one of Sally's small works and it makes me so happy I want to redecorate in all bright colors!!

heatherbradford said...

Yum! I love how abstract art can instantly update a space filled with traditional peices. Just bought a one for my semi-formal bedroom! (ps recently stumbled across yall's blog and really enjoying scrolling through it!)

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Great post. I heart all of Sally's work! I too tried to do an abstract painting and it is alot harder than you think! Gorgeous images!

Clare Christine said...

I love this post, abstract art is a beautiful touch to a room and your array of pictures shows just that! I just happened upon your blog today and I am your newest follower! I hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Monday!!
Twirling Clare

Fashion Meets Food said...

Wonderful post! I am loving the abstract paintings! xo

Anonymous said...

Please show us your abstract art!!

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