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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Perfect Pom

There's so much we love about this Lindsey Coral Harper living room in this month's House Beautiful. But today let's zoom in on one thing- that sculptural item on the coffee table that looks like a brass urchin.

Seems like these gorgeous little mid century items are popping up everywhere. Isn't this the perfect vignette? That chest...

Oh and what have we here in Ashley Stark's dining room?

What's more incredible- the chair or the light fixture?

Love this collection of little guys too.

Love them mounted on a wall too.

So the $$$ version of these brass urchins are vintage C Jere pom poms. Love this one on 1st Dibs.

And the $ version is this $35 number from Furbish! They come in 3 sizes!

And here's a big C Jere statement piece on eBay. Amazing.

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