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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Linens and Things

I'm usually pretty confident in my design decisions, but oh man oh my oh me, if there's one area where I'm a fish out of water, it's in picking out bedding. I'm in the process of doing a little bedroom makeover (rug, headboard, bedding), and would really love to upgrade from my old white duvet when it's all said and done. It's been great, but I'm ready for something a little more special, and maybe some more interesting patterns and colors.

To me, nothing beats the look of crisp white bedding with a lovely monogram. In my ideal world, this is my inspiration:

Whatever happened to the Tinz? Haven't see much of her lately. She does have great taste in bedding though.

However, in the real world (ie with pets), it's not always super-practical to have a fluffy white cloud of a bed. So I'm thinking that maybe I need something a little more practical...maybe still white bedding but some kind of decorative blanket cover to throw on top? Like so...

I would take everything about this bed in a second! The headboard, the dust ruffle, the bedding, oh and the chair...yes.

 Even a throw blanket might do the trick.

Love the colors here! I'd never think of doing a white headboard, but it looks great with these suzani-inspired colors.

 Love this too, but might I say that the monograms these days are getting a bit in-your-face? These aren't too outrageous, but I've seen some other pics where the monograms are super-sized!

Oh, and then there's the to-be-determined headboard to grapple with. There are SO many factors that go into creating a bedroom, especially with textiles. It's daunting, isn't it? I need to hire MoS Charlotte as my decorator! 


Summer is a Verb said...

"The Tinz" lol! What did happen to her show. The glimpses into her bedroom were enough to keep me tuned in.
Love all your chooses, Tinz's and the other blue and white schemed one being my 2 favs. I have a MG and BW's headboard in the palest blue/grey/green linen called "rain" and all white Yves de Lorme linens and I looove the serene combo. Minus the required ironing weekly and vacuuming of cat hair, natch. Holding out for the perf fur throw but, besides that I could go to my grave with this look...XXOO

Jenny Castle Design said...

I'm in the same boat - I love bedding, but for some reason have trouble pulling my bedding together. I want to makes changes, but there is so much out there...which makes it hard to decide! Good luck and keep us posted :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a helpful post. I need to redo my bedroom and these photos are very inspiring. I love them all...I am thinking that if you monogram the duvet, skip the shams or vice-versa?? Thank you for posting these great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Great post today! I have needed to update my bedding for quite some time. Love, love all those choices, esp. the lime green ensemble (oh, that word sounds soo old fashioned). I've found that there is such a huge gap between very, very pricey linens and dept. store offerings, both in "looks" and $. But it's such fun to drool over this post. I'm feeling that inspiration a comin' on! thanks

AnaLisa said...

Love that bedroom with the mustard chevron pillows.

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