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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Campus Cribs

Have you seen the Campus Cribs contest on Uscoop?  Some stylish students sent in pictures of their dorm rooms, and I have to admit some are quite impressive.  I thought my roommate Lauren and I were really stylish when we ordered vintage Lilly Pulitzer fabric from C. Orrico (back before Lilly made bedding) and had duvet covers custom made.  But our Lilly duvets don't compare to some of these dorm rooms!

This room gets my vote...  She swapped out the dorm furniture for much prettier choices and even has a pair of x benches at the foot of her bed!  Bonus points for the curtains that highlight the shape of the headboard. 

Of course she's cute as a button.

Although if I were to choose a winner who made do with the existing institutional crate furniture, this navy-and-orange room would get my vote.

I just love the navy and white with pops of orange, and actually sort of like that MCM-ish teak wood finish on the crate furniture with the navy and orange!

There are some chic boy rooms as well.  Check out this all-American sportsman's paradise.  I am obsessed with this wildlife screen.  Brilliant way to use watercolor plates from an old book!

Instead of trying to fight with the white walls, this cute girl embraced it with a white headboard, furniture, and bedding, allowing her art and pillows to really stand out.  I love the symmetry of this room, and the girlie bedskirt.  Future decorator?

Doesn't adding real curtains and a wrought iron bed make a huge difference?

Speaking of curtains, this blue and white pair really amps up the style quotient in this room.  I also love her poster.  There is no time quite like college for going to concerts and hanging up posters on the wall!

And finally, the monogram and chandelier decals are perfect for a dorm room.  What a brilliant way to personalize a temporary space.

Check out these rooms and more at Uscoop.  Which is your favorite?!


Betsy said...

Oh I cannot imagine living in one of these dorm rooms--needless to say decorating it so lovely! Wow. I can't pick a favorite, but I do have to give credit to MoS Charlotte for her always-cute dorm room decorating :)

Evie said...

where did these girls get rooms that big?! At UNC my dorms were always sooooo tiny...props to them though, they were way more stylish than I was at that age.

the Queen City Style said...

love this post! such fortunate young ladies!

Lindsey Suggs said...

I love these rooms! I'd be embarrassed to show them my dorm rooms from way back when...good for these cute, scholarly girls and boys.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I checked these out oon UScoop yesterday...makes me want to dig up a picture of my dorm room! xx

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

Such a cool contest! I adore the first room you showed...I would have never guessed that's a dorm room!

Kathleen said...

Wow those rooms are cute. My son goes to SCAD and the rooms are MUCH smaller than these (the dorm is actually an old Howard Johnson motel). He also has to keep the dorm room furniture and not hang things on the walls (which are concrete block). And I can't imagine him and his roommate wanting matching bedding! HA.

I wish I was so stylish when I was these young ladies age!

goheels83 said...

LOVE that screen in the boys' room. Brilliant. His mother must be a decorator.

All of those girls are so adorable. It makes me miss college!!!

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