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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bouillon Done Right

I have a new-found love and respect for bouillon trim.  I'll admit I was hesitant to warm to bouillon.  My formative years coincided perfectly with the barrage of cheapo maroon-and-damask-and-bouillon hitting the mass market. But when it is done right, bouillon is a bold detail that adds glamour and elegance to a room.  I especially love it when paired with velvet, and I am hoping it use this combo soon in a client's home!

Let's take a look at bouillon trim done right.

Jeffrey Bilhuber uses bouillon trim to break up the horizontal lines of this extra-long sofa.
Jeffrey Bilhuber

Miles perfectly pairs velvet furniture and bouillon fringe trim. 

Ruthie Sommers boldly used bouillon trim in a contrasting color on a pair of green velvet sofas.

Miles again, using bouillon to "overdecorate" (in a good way) and make a narrow room feel grande.

Tory Burch uses bouillon trim to add a feminine touch to her masculine living room.

If you have the room, a large round table with a bouillon-trimmed tablecloth is a chic way to display stacks of books.  Or brass critters as my friend Nick O and I have discussed.

Would you use bouillon trim in your home?


Lori said...

Great post! I too have a love/hate relationship, but your images prove there is a right way to do almost any decorative element. P.S. That Miles Redd room rocks my socks off.

Jessie said...

I love it in these rooms but it is not my style. The gingham wall in the first picture is perfection.

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Totally agree, it can be great paired with velvet. I've never used it but if I do, I'll reference these pics to make sure I do it right.

traci zeller designs said...

Hmmmppppphhhh. I'm just not there yet. I love these photos, but can't imagine myself doing it. BUT ... I've learned (the hard way) to never say never!!! ;-)

LindsB said...

I would totally use it in my house, I love adding trim to things!

Nancy said...

It is really beautiful in some spaces, just the icing on the cake some rooms need. But, in my house, my cat would ruin it in no time , so I couldn't dare use it.


Clare Christine said...

Fantastic shots, I think if the room can pull of the looks than by all means,'s a fabulous interior touch! And these homes have definitely succeeded :)

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