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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Before and After Rattan Chippendale Kitchen Chairs

One of my favorite features of our home is the walk-up attic.  It has allowed me to buy furniture and accessories that I didn't otherwise "have a place for," but I knew I would want them or could use them one day.  Case-in-point was this set of brown rattan chairs with fretwork detailing.  They have been in my attic for about a year- I wasn't sure when or where I would use them, but they had too much potential to pass up when I first spotted them. 

After I decided on the settee and tulip table for my breakfast room, I knew my current French country chairs wouldn't be the right fit for the room.  I considered a few options like the Era Chair from DWR, but I wasn't totally sold on them.  When I was getting Christmas decorations out of the attic last weekend, I spotted the rattan chairs in the corner.  They weren't much to look at in their current state- brown with hideous red floral cushions.  But I loved the fretwork backs and thought that with a little TLC, they could be the perfect match for my new tulip table.

The expression "nothing worthwhile is ever easy" came to mind a few times throughout this project.  Sometimes DIY projects go really smoothly, and sometimes they are more challenging.  This one was more challenging.  When I went to unscrew the seats from the chair so that I could paint the chair, the screws were stripped.  That means that the metal screws were really old, so the screwdriver just shredded the screws instead of catching in the appropriate indentions (think shards of metal everywhere...).  I fought and fought with those screws, trying every method imaginable for removing stripped screws.  Nothing worked, so I called my ever-resourceful dad (who owns every tool and gadget known to mankind).  He had a set of drill bits that were specifically made for stripped screws, and they worked like a wonder.  It was amazing how these little drill bits handled in 30 seconds what I had fought with for hours...

So finally the seats were off and I was ready to paint. 

I used black enamel spray paint.  Believe it or not, I really am not spray painting much anymore.  But on something like this chair that doesn't have any single large surface areas, it looks perfect.  Doesn't the black paint make a huge difference?  I did 3 coats, laying the chairs at various angles.  These chairs had so many different lines that it was a challenge to cover every possible angle with paint.

While the paint was drying, I started working on the cushions. 

I had purchased a turquoise and kelly green outdoor fabric to use on the cushions.  It's easy to clean, which is an important consideration when decorating a breakfast room where small children will be eating. 

Now to recover the chairs...  You know the drill.

First I laid my new fabric upside down and placed the old cushion upside down on it.

Then I stapled around the edges.  It's important to make sure your pattern is straight on the chair and to pull each side very tight so there aren't any wrinkles.  Then trim off the excess.

The cushions are done!

It's so gratifying to attach the newly recovered cushions to the newly painted chairs. 

 I am so happy with how they turned out!

So that is the current state of my breakfast room...  Settee against the wall.  Tulip table in the middle, surrounded by glossy black rattan chippendale chairs.  I still haven't finalized window treatments.  I started making roman shades but realized I had bitten off more than I could chew with that sewing project.  So those are something I'm going to leave to the professionals.  More on that to come!

Monday, November 28, 2011

MoS Giveaway: Fan Shopbop and Win a $100 Gift Card!

Today we have an awesome giveaway hosted by one of our favorite online stores for all things fashionable,Shopbop. They're giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky MoS about a great way to kickstart your holiday shopping...or your holiday wardrobe!We're particularly into bags this fall and Shopbop has something for every occasion. We love the relaxed vibe of these Cleobella bag.

We love how current this cross body leather bag from Club Monaco is. A hint of western while still wearable everyday.

Of if you're after a big of glam now about a Felix Rey bag like this chic little number.

We will draw the winner of this giveaway on Friday, December 9th.

There are two ways you can enter this giveaway:
1) for one entry, leave a comment on this post telling us what you'd pick from Shopbop and where you'd wear it!

2) get a second entry by becoming a fan of Shop Bop on Facebook here.

Good luck and thanks to Shopbop!

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Finally! My Tulip Table is Here!

At long last, my tulip table arrived and is sitting in my breakfast room!  It's not really a "room" as much as it is a nook between the kitchen and family room.  This little area has been a work in progress ever since I decided to place a settee against the wall on one side of the table.  Adding the settee made my previous gateleg table too difficult to maneuver around, so I decided a pedestal table would do the trick.  I contemplated various styles but eventually decided on Eero Saarinen's iconic Tulip Table.  I had to be careful with a pedestal since I have little ones and don't want them to be able to pull the top over.  Because the tulip table would be a bigger purchase for me, I did a lot of research on whether to buy the version actually licensed by Knoll or whether to buy a replica.  The replicas range from the $100 Ikea version to versions made in Italy that aren't much cheaper than the Knoll table.  In the end, I decided to go with the Knoll table and ordered it from All Modern, since they have free white glove delivery and no tax (that saved me about $400 compared to ordering from DWR).  I looked at ebay and 1st Dibs at vintage versions but decided I to go with the new one.

I'm sure the delivery guys thought I was "country come to town" with the way I took pictures of them unloading and setting up the table.  I was too excited to care!

The base is unpacked and ready to go!  I love the way the white pops against my wood floors.

They screwed the top on to the base- it really does feel secure, which was my big concern since I have small children.

Here it is!  We have already eaten so many meals around it as a family.  It is just the right size!

I'll tell you about my breakfast room chairs on Wednesday!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Queen Bea Giveaway Winner

Congrats to The Mitchell Family, who is lucky #43 and the winner of our Queen Bea clutch giveaway! We are super jealous of your big win! Please email is at with your info. The Mitchell Family said... Felt clutch in grey with a black monogram! Classically beautiful and chic, LOVE!! NOVEMBER 17, 2011 10:39 PM

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your Turkey Day is full of friends, family, and food...and I am looking forward to a little sand and sun too! We are thankful for all of our fabulous readers...see you next week!

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My Thanksgiving Table

Have you noticed the shortage of cute affordable tablecloths?  I realize tablecloths are traditional and perhaps even old-fashioned, but I think they look so elegant on a dining room table, particularly a rectangular table.  I looked for a few options and couldn't find anything that was decent to look at and reasonably priced.  So I made my own... 

I bought this fun orange ikat for $10.98 a yard.

A standard 54-inch width piece of fabric is perfect for a dining room tablecloth.  I hemmed it around the edges (nothing fancy at all), and I have about 5 inches of drop on each side.  I bought 3 yards of fabric, so I have a fab ikat tablecloth for around $30.  Not bad!

I am using my grandmother's Spode Florence china with it, overtop plain gold chargers.  I LOVE this pattern (and I used to hate it which I now find hilarious).  It has orange, turquoise, and chocolate brown, and I love the Greek key-ish detailing on it. 

I added some gourds and some brass for a warm and welcoming look.  The dolphin compotes were an estate sale find and are available here...

Isn't this antler carving set fun?  I found it at an estate sale.

Now all we need is the turkey!  We're buying a deep fried turkey from Bojangles this year...  They are delicious- have you tried one? 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Day Dessert

Wow...Thanksgiving is Thursday...seriously, where does the time go? It's time to again trot out Ina Garten's trusty pumpkin roulade recipe. If you're on the fence about what dessert to make on Thursday, this one is not to be missed. It's actually quite easy and fun to make.

I love the idea of slicing it and serving the slices on cupcake liners. This would be great for a party!

And speaking of big happenings this week...don't forget to enter the Queen Bea giveaway! Click here for more info and to enter! We are drawing the winner on Wednesday.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Turquoise and Orange

I am so excited to be using Quadrille's Contessa in a client's family room.  It is such a sophisticated pattern, with a complex color scheme that includes the unlikely pairing of turquoise and orange with olive and aubergine.

I love that this fabric allows you to use turquoise and orange together in a way that doesn't scream Palm Beach.  Don't get me wrong- I love all things Palm Beach.  But it isn't right for every room, and this fabric is a fantastic way to use fun colors in a different way.  I can't wait to share the room after it's done, but for now, here are some other orange and turquoise looks that I love.

Palmer Weiss

Tobi Fairley

Oslo, Norway by Max DaGoodman

Country Living (LOVE this room)

via Stagetecture

via DecorbyChristine

via TherapybyCharlotte

Do you love orange and turquoise?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

MoS Giveaway: Colorful Clutches from Queen Bea Studio

Today we have a great giveaway just in time to kick off the Christmas shopping season! Our friends at IQueen Bea Studio in Florida are giving away a monogrammed felt clutch to one lucky MoS reader. The hardest part...picking a color!

I love Queen Bea's new Jini monogram...look's actually a single letter arranged in a pattern...perfect for those who want to fly a little more under the radar...below is "L".

Here is "C"...

And here is "A" on a different style bag

I love the rainbow of colors these felt clutches come in. They remind me of the bright vivid colors of J Crew's wool cafe capris this season.

If you're looking for something a little bit roomier they also have these great GG Felt bags.

And if you're lucky enough to live somewhere warm don't forget about their amazing line of Baskets!

To enter the giveaway, please do the following: 1) get one entry by leaving us a comment on this post telling us your favorite Queen Bea style and where you'd carry it. 2) get a second entry if you share this giveaway with at least two friends or blog about it! We'll choose the lucky winner on Wednesday, November 23! Thanks to Queen Bea Studio for this great giveaway!!!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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