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Friday, September 30, 2011

My Latest Finds!

I decided to take baby girl shopping with me last week.  We headed over to Central Avenue in Plaza Midwood, where there is a little strip of antique and vintage shops.  I have shopped at 1510 Antiques many times before but hadn't been in a while.  It's a decent-sized shop that is stuffed to the gills with antiques and vintage pieces.  A lot of what they have is rather traditional, but they do have some fun midcentury and vintage pieces as well.  I fell in love with this large brass and lucite lamp.  It is from the 1950's and is really heavy and well-made.  I wasn't sure if I "needed" it, so I left without it.  I couldn't stop thinking about it, so that evening I went back and picked it up!

 As is generally the case with vintage or antique lamps, a new shade was in order.  So I headed to The Lamp Place on South Blvd to get a shade.  It's a great place to take a lamp when you want to try out lots of different shapes and sizes.  They were having a 20% off sale, so all their shades were very affordable (more than Target, less than custom).  I decided on a black silk rectangular shade, to mirror the squared-off lucite elements on the lamp.

Brass and lucite are one of my favorite combinations, so I am loving using the lamp in my family room.  I added some mounted horns and abstract art to create a vignette and modernize a traditional piece of furniture in the room. 

After I left 1510 Antiques, I headed next door to Hong Kong Vintage.  I had read about it before but never shopped there.  If you love vintage clothes, you HAVE to check it out.  It's the mothership of vintage clothing stores, very well edited and organized.  I don't wear a ton of vintage clothes (MoS Washington's vintage clothing collection is way cooler than mine), but they did have some adorable vintage baby clothes (I love those), as well as a few pieces of furniture.

I was on the hunt for a play table for my little man, a place where he can color, make play-doh, play with his train, etc.  I looked at the options at toy stores and big box chains and just couldn't get excited about placing a brightly colored plastic table in the middle of the room.  When I was talking to MoS Washington about it, she suggested something midcentury with a laminate top, which was a great idea. 

Lo and behold, sitting in the front window of Hong Kong Vintage was this fab midcentury table.  It has a walnut base and a laminate top, so it's stylish but the top is virtually indestructible.  And it's perfectly flat on top, making it easy for the little guy to color on. 

I love how the base sticks out beyond the top, highlighting the MCM style.

Little man LOVES it.  He is so excited to have his own special table in the family room.  And his mama is excited that it's pretty too!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flowers for the horticulturally challenged

Ever since I scoped out some Tommy Mitchell action at the Georgetown house tour in the spring, I've been a little obsessed with the concept of metal flowers. They're eye catching, they never die, and with their life like details, they serve as vivid little works of art. While I save my pennies for Tommy, I decided to check out EBay and had great success, actually. My "flowers" arrived last night...can you you tell boxes are kind of a big deal at my house?

I surprisingly picked up a large vintage Italian tole arrangement for price of lunch. Usually these get bid waaay up so I was quite surprised at my luck!

I stuck it on my Draper chest just for a quick photo but it's real home will prob be my kitchen table.

I'm thinking that to make it more modern, I might paint it one solid color. Maybe gray? The colors are really pretty but I'm afraid it's on the "sweet" side. What do you think?

Tole this is my kind of gardening!!! -Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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MoS Obsessions: Vintage Florentine Objects

I have always loved Florentine objects.  My mom has a collection of Florentine trays that were given to her as wedding gifts- apparently it was very popular here in the 1970's.  For my birthday, MoS Washington sent me this gorgeous vintage Florentine box!  It is covered in gold leaf and painted with the exact blues and greens of my bedroom.  The box is perfect for holding my favorite pieces of jewelry! 

Florentine objects are beautiful works of art.  I am sure you have seen them at antique stores or estate sales- they are made of very lightweight wood and nearly always painted with gold leaf and a contrasting color.  You can find boxes, trays, tables, and bookends.  I have this pair of Florentine bird wall hangings in my bathroom. 

A dear friend brought me a little gold and pink Florentine tray from her trip to Italy!  It's perfect for holding my earrings!

You have probably seen vintage Florentine tables in antique stores.  They might seem a little fussy at first glance, but if you style them correctly, they can be really beautiful and work in a modern room.  The key is to mix them with modern pieces for a fresh approach.

In a room that is very traditional, they might not be the best choice.  But in a modern space like Katie Lee Joel's living room, a Florentine table would be gorgeous!

I have frequently seen sets of nesting tables like this at the Sleepy Poet.

If a Florentine table is a little too much for you, a smaller object is the perfect "something old" to add to your room.  Florentine objects add a hint of glamour and are great for styling a coffee table or bookshelf.  Here are some of our favorites!

This little tray and box set would be gorgeous in a powder room!

I'm tempted to grab these wall hangings to go with my birds! 

Isn't this waste basket almost too pretty to use?

Do you have a Florentine object in your home?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Uncommon Objects, Austin

Not many stores can call themselves "Uncommon Objects" and really live up to the name. But the store on South Congress in Austin...well, it's uncommon all right.

It started off cool, sort of like a more authentic Anthropologie. These vintage chain links weighed an arm and a leg...I couldn't even pick them up.

Everyone needs a bowl of hands, right?

Ceramic life size dogs....yes.

I love these vintage pull down maps and charts.

These gorgeous mirrored urns would have made great lamps.

Now if you read MoS you know I am not afraid of taxidermy. Like, I have a boar's head hanging in my living room. But the taxidermy here started to put me over the edge...

This is a 3 foot long snapping turtle. Scared the bejeezus out of me. That is until I turned around and stared a stuffed baboon in the face. Yikes!!!

Fortunately I came home with something less dead....this brass lobster. The TSA agent really got a kick out of this when it went through the x ray.

Uncommon Objects...not for the squeamish but definitely worth a stop if you are in Austin! -Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Monday, September 26, 2011

Enter our Latest Giveaway: Decoupage Tray from Blair Elizabeth Designs

We are delighted to share our latest giveaway with you!  Blair Elizabeth Designs is offering a hand-made glass decoupage tray to one lucky MoS reader!  

The winner can choose one of these gorgeous 5" x 8" botanical decoupage glass trays, valued at $46!

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Here are a few of our favorites:

Map of the Carolinas:

Blue Leopard:

Lower Manhattan:

To enter, "Like" Blair Elizabeth Designs on Facebook.  For extra entries, "Like" MoS on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter (and leave a comment saying you did so!). 

We will draw the lucky winner at random on Friday, September 30!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

I love shopping at vintage, antique, and thrift stores because chances are when you make that great find, it's literally one of a kind. But when you're trolling the stores quite frequently and paying close attention, it's amazing how that "one of a kind" sometimes turns into two of a kind when you least expect it. 

Case in point...remember my Chinoiserie Chair Makeover a couple of years ago where I bought a $5 "asian chair" on craigslist? To date, it's one of my best scores, and I'm sitting in it as I write this post.

Well, I almost fell over backwards when eagle-eyed MoS Charlotte emailed me a link to the Biggs Powell sale on One Kings Lane that's currently going on. Not only is it the SAME EXACT CHAIR that I found on Craigslist for $5, but it's listed for the jaw-dropping price of $2,159.00. See for yourself!

They also have it in red and white if you are so inclined. That's my chair on the right so you can see how they are literally the SAME thing (the Biggs Powell one even says it's a chippendale repro- so we're not talking about a true antique here that would account for the price differential).

Ok, so you have to admit that's a little weird, right? Well, it gets weirder. Remember my elephant garden stool that I found at a thrift store last year with MoS Charlotte? (he's since gotten a few coats of paint to pretty him up). He's vintage, made in Mexico, with ornate carvings all over. Weighs about 8 zillion pounds.

So, the other day on the way back from Charlottesville, I decided to stop in Ruckersville (which is about 20 miles north of Charlottesville on Route 29...blink and you'll miss's literally a few antique stores at an intersection near a Lowes). So I perused a couple of the stores, wasn't anything that interested in too terribly much, and was heading back to my car when a guy unloaded this onto the front porch of the store and put a pricetag on it. I couldn't believe my eyes....

Yep, it was an elephant gardens stool IDENTICAL to the one I already had. For $32. I couldn't believe my eyes. Clearly it didn't take much time to decide he was coming home with me.

TWINS! Cue Peaches and Herb- "reunited and it feels so gooood!"

Like, seriously, identical twins, down to the carvings and etchings. Elly #2 will get a coat or two of paint so that the colors even out, of course, and at that point, I won't even be able to tell them apart.

Have you had any "I can't believe I just found this" moments lately? If there's anything more satisfying than a great thrifting score, it's a great thrifting score when one of a kind becomes two of a kind!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Think I Need....

Since I have been updating my family room and breakfast room and have a Saarinen Tulip Table headed my way, I think my chairs might need some updating too.  I'm using a settee on one side against the wall, so I'm thinking a pair of Era Arm Chairs might be in order.  The cane seat makes them comfortable, and I love the lines of the chair! 

I'm debating between turquoise and green.  The turquoise is a deeper, much bolder hue of the color on the walls, and the green is a slightly bolder version of the green in my family room (which adjoins the breakfast room). 

What do you think?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winner of the Starla Sandals Giveaway!

Congrats to Dara, the winner of the Starla Sandals giveaway!  Email us at and we'll put you in touch with the good folks at Starla for you to select your style and size!

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