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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crazy Calypso Sale

Calypso is having the mother of all final sales- an additional 60% off the sale price. A great chance to pick up some some end-of-summer basics...Calypso style at essentially Target prices! A few highlights...

I scooped up the Mosaic Dress in the beige/olive color and don't want to take it off. It's so lightweight and comfortable, and the metallic threads give it a little something extra.

Love the breezy tie dye Tiger Dress

My newest obsession is the Flutter Tee. So, so soft and comfortable. Perfect with white jeans, shorts, or just about anything. Got it in gray but think I need it in a few more colors (good thing it's on sale for $20!)

The only thing that stopped me from ordering the Ikat Sundress is the leather trim. Does that mean I have to get it dry cleaned? Seems a shame for a simple sun dress.

Not on final sale but still 40% off the sale price- the Daishiki Tunic- comes in a million colors. I could see wearing this into fall for sure. Or year round in FL.

There aren't a ton of shoes on sale, but these Zanzibar sandals caught my eye- they seem like they'd go with a lot. 

Speaking of sales, oh how I wish I could be in Newport this weekend for this CK Bradley warehouse sounds fascinating...a little of this, a little of that...surely some treasures to be had.

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Nursery Time- Again!

It's good to be back!  I took a few weeks off while getting adjusted to being a mama of two, so I thought I'd come back with some pictures of the nursery.  I had such a good time decorating it- I've blogged about several projects that went into it herehere, here, here, and here.  The wall color was inspired by a pair of ballet shoes I wore as a little girl.  I then added fabric and accessorized with vintage poodles I found with MoS Washington in Palm Beach.  I took the Palm Beach accents a bit farther and added the framed vintage Lilly fabric and faux bamboo furniture, a tole chandelier and a hot air balloon mobile. 

I must mention that I did it on a relatively reasonable budget, making the curtains and bedskirt myself, choosing a basic Pottery Barn rug, recovering the bench myself, painting myself, using inexpensive fabrics, incorporating vintage furniture and accessories, and choosing a very basic crib from Wal-Mart.  For the record I will never understand making a big investment in a crib.  Most of them are not very attractive, and you won't use them for more than a couple of years.  My biggest splurge was recovering the chair in coral fabric with white contrast welting. 

Vintage Mr. and Mrs. Poodle hang over the door.

Vintage tole tulip lamps sit atop a faux bamboo cabinet.

A ceramic poodle box, some Herend pretties, and a vintage owl piggy bank decorate the faux bamboo cabinet.

Little man tries out his soon-to-be sister's new chair.

A pierced blanc de chine lamp from my grandmother lights up the room.

Cute mobiles are really hard to find.  I found this whimsical hot air balloon mobile at Shower Me with Love here in Charlotte.

More Palm Beach style with the palm tree floor lamp!

And, of course, the nursery wasn't complete until sweet Sally came home from the hospital!

Thanks for letting me share Sally's nursery with you!  A big thanks to Katharine for sharing her amazing photography skills with us!  If you are in the Charlotte area and need a photographer, look her up!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The World According to Dottie D

A few months ago, MoS Charlotte gifted me with a book I'd been dying to read for ages- Decorating is Fun! by the one and only Dorothy Draper. Though I'd had my eye on this book for ages, I'd never gotten around to purchasing be honest, I was a little skeptical about how interesting or entertaining a decorating book from the 1920's would be. Life has changed a lot since then...and I equate Draper's work with grand, over-the-top spaces like the Greenbrier. So whether she could bring any real advice to an apartment-dweller in 2011, I wasn't quite sure...

Long story short, once I started reading this, I couldn't put it down! I found it equal parts hilarious and helpful. The book is meant to be a practical guide to decorating and it's really just that- all sorts of tips about scale, furniture arrangement, paint colors, etc. Also, many of the spaces she pictures/discusses are apartments, so she does have a surprisingly good perspective on working with smaller spaces.

I also got a huge kick out of how much life has changed since the book came out 70 years ago. Certain things that were de rigueur then just don't seem to factor into the equation now (i.e., she keeps singing the praises of leatherette..just the name "leatherette" sort of cracks me up). Her "case studies," while a bit overdramatic and old-fashioned, definitely help get her point across. For example, in Dorothy Draper's world, all a single gal in the city needs to snare a man are miles of chintz, a bottle of sherry, and some artfully placed candles. Oh, and if your husband makes you stay in the city all summer long rather than taking a house at the beach (gasp!) then your rooftop terrace can serve as a pleasurable outdoor space with a few artfully placed plants.

A few of the many tips in the book that hold true, despite the passage of so many years:

  • Don't pay too much for your rugs or carpets unless you really have money to burn...Personally, I belong to the group of people who like to look up rather than down, and would much rather be extravagant about the objects I put on my rugs rather than the rugs themselves. 

  • It doesn't economize too stringently on upholstered furniture. The very cheapest pieces won't stand up.

  • Lamp shades are like hats- they go in and out of style. And they are probably one of the few things in your whole house that I believe should be kept in the fashion. 

And a few things that definitely reflect that the times they are a-changin':

  • On your coffee are going to want one or two ash trays. Make them something special...Be sure the cigarette box you place there is an attractive one, and always filled. [Oh yeah, and don't forget to use lead paint and asbestos!]
  • Linoleum is another substance that is so practical that the designers have really been forced to produce it in beautiful colors and designs. [Really??? Am I missing something?]
  • Chintz usually looks best with a wide ruffle at the bottom. [Gag!]

And of course the whole time I was reading this book, I kept thinking about how it could give rise to a great new drinking game for design afficianados...take a sip of your drink every time the word "chintz" is mentioned...I think things might get kinda crazy by the second chapter! Let's just say she looooves her some chintz!

Have you read Decorating is Fun!? Any comments/thoughts I missed? I'd definitely put this on your must-read can pick up vintage copies for a song on eBay and Alibris.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

MoS Reader Before and After Projects: Two Console Table Makeovers!

Reader Sarah submitted her fabulous Asian console transformation to us!  She found the console, which is a very high quality Century piece, at a local re-sale shop.  It was exactly what she needed to use as a tv stand, storage for all the unattractive cable boxes and wires, and dvds.  She believes it is from the 1970's, and while it was a beautiful piece, the wood finish just wasn't right for her home. 

Sarah selected paint from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot, choosing a glossy white/ cream for the main color and gold for the sides.  

It is the perfect focal point in her living room!  Sarah is currently on the hunt for a pair of lamps to place on either side of the tv.  

The gold sides...



Reader and blogger Catherine shared her entryway console table makeover with us!  Before, she had a basic mahogany console table with Queen Anne style legs in her entryway.  

Wanting something younger and fresher, Catherine went to work!  She had seen no-sew skirted tables on a couple of other blogs and decided to attempt the project herself.  First, her husband spent about 30 minutes (he must be a talented man by the way) building the "frame" of the console table.

The completed frame.  Catherine's design included a shelf so she could use it for extra storage.

She used Stitch Witchery to finish the edges and add trim.  Her blog post gives more step-by-step details! 

She added Greek key trim around the base and then added the panels to the table.

The trim is such a fantastic detail! 

She made the top nice and smooth for a finished, tailored look.

The finished table!  Doesn't it look fantastic?  I am inspired to try a table of my own!

This concludes our Before and After project series!  I should be back to blogging as usual next week.  Thank you so much to our readers for their fabulous before and after entries!  We are so inspired by your creativity and hard work.  We'll announce the winner next week!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Society Social

I've been hearing a lot of buzz around the blogosphere lately about Society Social and wandered on over to their website the other day. Any company that uses the tagline "we're bringing the bar cart back" can do no wrong by me. And in terms of bar carts, Society Social definitely lives up to its promises. It offers a whole slew of styles and colors at a great price point. What's more, their website is really a fest for the eyes- they style everything gorgeously- it's really inspirational.

My favorite of the bunch is, unsurprisingly, the Stanton. It's faux bamboo; it's gold; 'nuff said. But what I am really dying over is that amazing leopard print hanging over the cart. Fab.

Next up is the the Madison Mixer, a unique combo of gold bamboo and a contrasting tray that comes in several color combinations.

The Draper is a bit more urban and comes in a variety of faux croc finishes. I love this picture because I have a brass crab exactly like that!

The Hostess is a lot of fun too- this comes in every color of the rainbow, but the orange spoke to me for some reason.

They also offer a few pieces of upholstered furniture at superb prices. Would you ever guess The Marilyn Sofa is $749. It's gorgeous. They have an accompanying arm chair that is also equally well priced.

And of course, don't forget the hostess gown (I would seriously love to bring those back).

Whether you're in the market for a bar cart or just want some tips on arranging one you already own, something tells me you'll love perusing Society Social!

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