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Friday, July 29, 2011

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Dying to See More Missoni For Target!

As Raina wrote about here, the new August Vogue gives us a sneak peek into the upcoming Missoni for Target line!  They have done quite a job keeping photos of the line on the hush hush- the only pictures I have found other than those published in Vogue were grabbed by a member of the papparazi at the Missoni for Target photoshop and are "unofficial" (although we hope they are the real deal because they look fab!!!). 

Here are a couple "official" glimpses from Vogue...

I'm sure once the line comes out, people are going to cry foul that the quality isn't the same as what you would get from the main Missoni line or even M Missoni, or that it's going to water down the brand.  But let's face it- for 1/10 of the price, what do you expect?  It's not going to be made in Italy.  It's not going to be perfectly lined and hand sewn.  Although I haven't loved all the styles from the various Target designer collaborations, I do think they generally deliver what is intended- the designer look at a very affordable price. 

I can't wait to see more!  I have a feeling this is going to be one of those lines that sells out really quickly and ends up on eBay for some big bucks.  And remember that even if your Target is cleaned out by the time you get there, you can likely find some great pieces at a Target in a neighboring small town where Missoni isn't as popular as Merona...  The line debuts on September 15! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Always Thrifty in Philadelphia (Part I)

As I mentioned the other day, when I went to Philly the other weekend, I decided to pop into a Goodwill I just happened to pass on the way back to I-95. After a string of no luck, I hadn't been in a thrift store in ages and wasn't expecting much. But at this Goodwill, I hit the jackpot. First I spied this vintage oversized brass lamp with the most awesome lines. Check. It's now sitting on my desk at home.

Next, as I blogged about Tuesday, I spied my beloved tole chandelier. 

It was at this point that I figured I'd better grab a cart. I might be here awhile!

A spin across the room led me to unearth this pair of vintage framed paint by numbers from behind a stack of ugly posters. While paint by numbers are hardly fine art, I love how they always have muted colors and tend to stick to chinoiserie themes. I've collected them when I find them on the cheap, so for $3.99 each, I had to grab these too. It's funny, because they look pretty faded here...

But when I got them home and took them out of the frame and cleaned the glass, it made a world of difference. I don't know where they had been sitting, but the glass was foul, both inside and out. The Windex turned brown when I sprayed it on! Eew. But needless to say, they look much better now! I haven't decided where to hang them yet.

This guy is the one that got away- this awesome MCM table. I was just dying over the lines of the legs. But I couldn't figure out anywhere I'd put it. As soon as I drove away I was kicking myself for not buying it.

I also thought this dresser was awesome. It's hard to tell what with all the stuff piled around it...

But I loved its cool asian handles. 

At the end of my visit my cart was piled high. Amazing what $30 can buy these days, huh??

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Custom Coquillage Shell Mirrors and Accessories from Seacache Designs

We have blogged numerous times about how much we love using seashells in decor.  Coquillage is the art of covering frames, mirrors, or furniture with shells.  Shells add an organic element to a room, and they aren't just for beach houses anymore!  Shell accessories are a fantastic way to modernize and add a freshness to a traditional room.  We are delighted to introduce you to Seacache Designs, hand-created by the incredibly talented South Carolina artist Donna Goodman. 

30-inch by 30-inch, $175 plus shipping

Donna was born in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina and has spent some of the most special times of her life at the beach.  As a child she always entertained herself by picking up shells with her mother; as an adult, hunting for shells became a favorite pastime for Donna and her daughter; today, she loves to comb the Carolina beaches with her granddaughter, looking for unique shells and pieces of driftwood.  While every now and then she may find a whole sand dollar or conch shell, Donna most often returns home with a bag full of "ordinary" shells that have a special color, shine, texture, or pattern.   

26-inch by 20-inch, $175 plus shipping

Seacache shell mirrors are hand-made from shells Donna has collected on Carolina beaches.  The shells are affixed to antique mirrors that have been restored.  The mirrors are finished on the back with upholstery fabric and lip trim, fitted with brass hangers and wire to accommodate the specific weight of the finished mirror.

30-inch by 20-inch, $200 plus shipping

Seacache also makes stunning shell chandeliers and lamps.  We absolutely love shell chandeliers, especially in a breakfast room or entryway! 

Each mirror is 30-inch by 20-inch, $200 each or $350 for the pair plus shipping

Donna describes Seacache mirrors as quiet and understated.  The bring unity, balance, and rhythm to a room and represent that special memory of a long walk on the beach. 
Another Seacache creation uses smooth, worn driftwood around an antique mirror.

36-inch by 30-inch, $225 plus shipping
Oyster shells cover the Carolina beaches, and their beauty adds a simple elegance to a mirror.

30-inch by 30-inch, $225 plus shipping

We are thrilled to feature a white oyster shell mirror from Seacache Designs on MoS Marketplace as well as a driftwood mirror!  Check them out here!  You will be amazed at the quality, the craftsmanship, and the price!  If you are interested in any of the Seacache pieces you have seen here or would like to commission a custom design, email us at

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bringing a Tole Chandy Back to Life

As I mentioned last week, during a recent trip to Philadelphia, I got REALLY lucky at Goodwill and scored a vintage tole chandelier for $5.99. I'd been wanting one forever- but couldn't really rationalize spending much on it- and when I saw this one I was practically giddy with excitement. I love the design- sort of a spiky palm frond look, which is my very favorite when it comes to tole. Exactly what I wanted! 

It sort of reminds me of a less ornate version of this one from 1st Dibs...

I wasn't lying about the price!

I decided right off the bat that I wanted to re-wire it. I had no idea about its age, and unlike with a vintage lamp that you can just plug in to see if it works, with a chandelier you can't really tell until it's installed. I've re-wired a zillion lamps so I figured I'd see if doing a chandelier would be similar- and it looks to be. First I just removed the covers from the sockets, then loosened the screw that holds each side of the wire in place. 

After unfastening all the wires from the sockets, I removed the bottom cover and simply pulled the wires out. Boy was I glad I decided to re-wire- the bottom part of the wires was brown with rust- gross. 

I kept the old wires for future reference to show my friends as Ace Hardware. Basically, you have a wire for each arm that are all attached together with a simple clasp, and then another wire that goes up through the middle and is what wires into the ceiling. It really seems pretty easy.

Next I simply undid the screw that affixes the main "stalk" of the chandelier to the section with the arms. And was left with this. Total dirt and dust. The whole thing was basically filthy. It must have been sitting in a basement. 

Really the only way I could think of solving the dirt problem was rinsing it off gently in the sink (making sure not to get the sockets wet, of course, so that won't interfere with the re-wiring). I still need to get out a toothbrush and get into each and every cranny, but it looks much better already.

I noticed when wiping down the center part that it looks like this chandy was originally gold. As in, gold italian tole. My heart sank. Why would anyone paint over the gold tole? I don't dislike the white, but to know there's gold underneath is annoying!

So now my question is what to do about the whole white/gold dilemma. To strip the white paint off the whole thing would be next to impossible- there are so many little cracks and crevices that I'd never actually get everything off, minus using some sort of chemical stripper, I guess. Plus I'd be afraid I'd ruin the gold underneath by scrubbing hard or using chemicals. So I'm thinking of maybe letting the gold peek through in some parts, though that's kind of a rustic look. Or I could paint the whole thing another color. Thoughts?

I will post more as I progress with the project!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Recent Client Project!

I recently finished decorating a living room for a fantastic client.  We were under the gun to get it finished before baby girl's arrival, and we ended up having 2 weeks to spare! 

The project started basically with a blank canvas.  The client's family of 4 had moved into their home about a year ago and had not really done anything with the living room.  The house has great bones, and the client has great taste, so I was really excited to start on this project.

As you can see from the before photos, the room was painted a yellow beige, furnished with a few antiques and hand-me-downs from family members.  The first time I walked into the room I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous mirror over the fireplace.  It belonged to her great-grandmother and would be a stunning focal point of the room- it just needed to be hung vertically!

The wood floors, beautiful crown molding, and gorgeous fireplace provided a great backdrop for our decorating plan.  We used several of the client's antiques in the final plan but didn't hesitate to sell the pieces she didn't love. 

After a few discussions and based upon the other colors in the home, we decided on a neutral color scheme, accented with chocolate brown, light blue, and touches of coral-ish red (to bring in the coral red from the adjoining dining room).

After deciding on fabrics, we got to work on having the upholstered pieces made.  Country Chair did a fantastic job making a pair of chairs in the modern blue floral fabric and made her sofa in the neutral beige herringbone. 

We found the rug at Pottery Barn- it is the Chunky Basketweave Jute Rug.  I absolutely love it and plan to use it in another project.  We got rid of the yellow on the walls and brought in a more neutral tone.  Instead of placing the furniture against the walls, we created a seating area in the center of the room with the gorgeous fireplace as the focal point.

We had the curtains made in the chocolate brown and beige quatrefoil fabric.  A gorgeous chest of drawers that belonged to the client's grandmother sits between the two windows.

We found a beautiful limed-wood Baker coffee table at here in Charlotte.  You can't really see the detail from this picture, but it has fabulous ming legs with Greek key detailing and a grasscloth top under the glass.  The client had gorgeous pieces of family silver that we displayed all over the room!

Here are some quick pictures I took of the finished room (click to see them better).  When accessorizing, we mixed high with low, using everything from antique sterling silver to odds-and-ends from Homegoods.  The client had some beautiful pieces of art we were able to incorporate into our design. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these project photos!  If you are around the Charlotte area, I'd love to help you decorate your home.  Email me (Sarah) at for more details!

And don't forget to send us your Before and After entries!  We are so excited to share them with our readers! 
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