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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Congrats to our Shopbop Winner- Amber!!

Congrats to Amber!!  Email us at, and we'll put you in touch with the Shopbop folks!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't Forget to Enter the Shopbop Giveaway Today!

Today is the last day to enter the Shopbop Giveaway.  Click here for details!

Miles and MORE Excitement!

After hearing Miles Redd speak yesterday at the Mint Museum Symposium, I am an even bigger fan.  He is funny and down-to-earth.  There is nothing I love more than someone who is incredibly accomplished but not conceited at all, and not afraid to poke fun at himself.  His presentation consisted of a slide show, where he went through pictures of rooms he decorated and talked about his inspiration for those rooms. 

He talked about the relationship between art, photography, architecture, and fashion, and how those areas all serve as inspiration for his rooms.  I especially loved hearing him talk about one apartment where the client was on a strict budget, and to see what he was able to do with a (relatively) limited amount of money. 

Miles also mentioned that he and Oscar de la Renta are collaborating on a tabletop line that will debut this fall!  He said it's chic and affordable- we can't wait to see it!

At the end of his presentation, he held a Question and Answer session that was very interesting.  All in all, I learned a lot, and just like any good lawyers, Traci Z and I were the two people in a room of probably 400 who were furiously scribbling down notes throughout his entire presentation.   I was so excited that my luncheon tablemates included both Traci and my friend Laura Casey

And guess what tonight is?  Oscar de la Renta!!! 

Traci scored us tickets to the private party with Oscar before the main event!  I am SO excited and will report back on that too!  It's certainly a challenge to dress for a party with Oscar de la Renta.  Especially when you are more than 6 months pregnant!  After searching high and low, I decided to forget the hideous maternity options and go with this Lilly dress, since it's fun and colorful and has plenty of baby room.

I picked up these sandals at Kate Spade the other week to wear with the dress.  I think Oscar would love sparkly pineapples!

And this oversized gold clutch from Michael Kors.  I loved it when it debuted in the Michael Kors Collection line a few years ago, and now it's about 1/3 of the price!

For jewelry, I will probably wear my chandelier earrings from Homero in Buenos Aires (from back when the USD went a lot farther than it does now!).

If you're going to be there, you know what I'm wearing, so please come say hi!  Can't wait to give a full report next week!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday This & That

A few things on this lovely Thursday (what happened to the week? It FLEW!).

First, does anyone know of someone in DC who can sew pillows? I know there are plenty of workrooms in the burbs of VA and MD, but I can't get out there at all during the week, or on any given Saturday for the next few weeks, and I feel like they are all closed on Sunday. Somewhere in NW DC or on the red line metro would be ideal. I know that some dry cleaners can do pillows, but does that mean I have the supply the zippers, welting, lining, etc? I'd rather not have to because that necessitates a trip to the burbs. I've had this fabric has been sitting all lonely for 2 weeks and it's just begging to be made into pillows, stat!
Speaking of advice- we're always asking for y'all's advice and just so you know, we really do take it. Case in point, I just ordered a non-iron shirt from Lands End after everyone raved about them last week. I got this style with stretch, so we'll see how it works out and report back. The price was right- on sale for $34! 

I also added this sweater from the Canvas line to my shopping cart when I saw it was on sale for $16.99! Canvas has some great basis. Also, there's currently a Land's End coupon code for $10 off and free shipping! The coupon code is "oprah11" and the pin is 4281.

Moving on...have you heard there's a wedding tomorrow? Ha. I'm getting a teeny bit sick of the blog coverage, to tell the truth. But I'm still very excited for the big dress reveal. Does anyone plan to watch it real-time? I'm kind of interested in what India Hicks has to say. Btw, is this not the most ridiculous royal wedding paraphernalia you've seen thus far?

And finally, don't forget the Georgetown House Tour is this Saturday! I've always wanted to go and already bought  my ticket earlier this week. Thanks to Stefan at Architecht Design for the reminder. I'm always trying to sneak a little peek into the stately townhomes and houses of Georgetown when I walk by them at night. So Saturday I can finally put my voyeurism to rest and take a real look around!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miles Redd is Coming to Charlotte!

And I am going to see him!  Traci Z and I are heading to the Mint Museum's Decorative Arts Symposium Luncheon on Thursday, where Miles is the gentleman of the hour! 

Miles is one of my favorite designers.  The Atlanta native isn't afraid to take risks, and his decorating style is a little Mark Hampton, a little more Dorothy Draper, with, of course, his own masculine twist.  We all know and love his more famous rooms, but here are a few you might not be able to source in your sleep!

Photos courtesy of Veranda and Miles Redd

Tune in later this week to find out what we learn from him!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mirror Candy! A Peek at Carvers' Guild

I've been on a mirror kick lately, and if there are any mirrors I could drool over all day long, it would have to be those from Carvers' Guild. I'm sure you've seen their mirrors around design magazines and high end furniture outlets- I certainly had- but I never knew the brand or the backstory.

Carvers' Guild is owned by Carol and Carl Canner, who met in the 60's when she opened a portrait gallery and he got a job framing her portraits. Awww! Anyway, for years the Canners added mirrors to frames they imported from around the world. But in 1970 when lightning stuck their Boston workshop, they relocated the business to West Groton, MA. They stopped importing and started making everything on-site, and that's the way the business is run to this day. 

One of my favorite mirrors it the well-known Gothic twig

The Martha's Vineyard mirror reminds me of those great art deco indoor swimming pools- sort of like at the Greenbrier!

If I had a beach house, I'd have to get the Seahorses & Starfish mirror....

 ...which Carol designed herself

I'd be happy to hang the Lilly Bud in any room in my house!

And of course the Grand Pagoda - Chippendale with a modern vibe (who or what in the world is that in the reflection, though?)

Take a spin around the Carvers' Guild site- trust me, the few mirrors I've shown here are just the tip of the iceberg. There are some incredibly grand pieces on their site; all of their mirrors are works of art. They are not inexpensive, starting around $700. However, given that these gorgeous items are manufactured by hand, right here in the USA, if I had the money to spend I'd certainly be more inclined to buy one of these over something a bit cheaper that's made in a factory overseas. These mirrors seem something your children will fight over one day!

Do you have a favorite Carvers' Guild mirror?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a classic summer staple.  In their most traditional form, the soles are made of woven jute and the upper part is canvas.  Today, most espadrilles have a flexible rubber sole, which is infinitely more comfortable, and the canvas upper part of the shoe is breathable and cool for summer.  Espadrilles have been popular for years, always chic with slim-cut pants. 

Espadrilles are huge this spring, and here are some of our favorite picks!

Lanvin's satin ankle-tie espadrille is elegant with ballet-like details.

Gucci's stylish version is a cross between classic espadrilles and a ballet flat. 


Tory Burch's striped canvas espadrilles are perfect to wear with white jeans.

Diane von Furstenberg's version comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns! 

One of my favorites, Kate Spade uses stripes and leather trim for eyecatching style.  FYI these run small so size up!


For a simple no-frills espadrille, the Franco Sarto canvas version does the trick!

And the best deal out there is undoubtably the colorful Soludos Dali Espadrille from Shopbop. 

While we're on the topic, we had to comment on men in espadrilles.  Some guys can pull off the look halfway decently (although I pray that my husband NEVER gives this a try).

While others just look ridiculous.  This is NOT JFK's finest moment...

Will you be wearing espadrilles this summer?  Will the man in your life be wearing them?

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Best Non-Iron Shirts?

Today's post isn't exactly glamorous, but reader advice has never failed us yet! I'm updating my work wardrobe and in the market for some non-iron shirts. Nothing like pulling them out of the dryer, giving them a nice shake, and being ready to roll in a crisp button down shirt! However, I've yet to find the perfect one and am looking for some tips!

I've had quite a few Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts. They really work well in terms of being wrinkle free.  However, I don't just love the fit of these shirts. Even the slim cut ones are a bit short, a bit boxy. Although, maybe this is a new looks promising.

I was surprised to see that Banana Republic has gotten in on the non-iron game with these. They come in great colors, and I always tend to like Banana's regular button down shirts.  And at $59, they're a bargain. So I tried some on in a BR store...unfortunately they were a HUGE fail. For one thing, they looked pretty wrinkled, even on the hanger. And like the online reviews say, they run ridiculously small in the chest. Even a size bigger than I normally wear was too tight! And two sizes bigger finally fit in the chest, but was too big everywhere else. I hope they adjust the fit in future seasons.

And the biggest bargain in non-iron shirts? Land's End. Never tried them...I haven't ordered in Land's End forever. I'm wondering what the quality is like...does anyone know?

Anyone have any feedback on non-iron options? Any I didn't list here? I'll try anything! Non-iron's aren't for going out on the town, obviously, but the convenience can't be beat for during the work week!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nursery Progress...

As soon as we found out that baby #2 is a little girl, my mind started racing as to what to do in the nursery.  We had decided (for many reasons) to move baby boy to a new room and use his current nursery for the new baby.  I had seen Waverly's Spot On fabric recently and knew it would be great nursery fabric, in the blue and green colorway for a little boy or in the coral and yellow colorway for a little girl.  I love that the "dots" aren't perfectly round polka dots- they are sort of "scribbled" and irregular, almost cheetah-esque.  I also haven't seen this fabric all over the place, so it's nice when you find something you aren't already tired of.  And, of course, you can't beat the price.  I'm using this fabric for the curtains and the cribskirt and just going with a basic white crib. 

I am going to use this textured solid coral for the chair and ottoman, accented with white contrast welting on the trim.  With such a busy curtain fabric, I think I need something calmer on the other furniture.

I knew finding a paint color would be a challenge.  First, keep in mind that the previous wall color was navy blue. 

I loved it for baby boy, but no way could I keep the walls navy for baby girl.  So we began dismantling the nursery so we could move baby boy out and repaint.  Yes, I shed a few tears.

My mom had saved my ballet shoes from when I was a little girl, and they served as inspiration for the ballet slipper pink paint color for baby girl's walls. 

I knew I did not want "pink" walls, at least not in the traditional baby girl pink that comes to mind.  Plus, coral in the fabric definitely has some orangey undertones, so the wall color needed to be an orangey/ yellow pink.  So after trial after trial after trial and numerous trips to the Sherwin Williams store near my house, I settled on Quaint Peche. 

With the help of my kind mother-in-law, we primed and primed and primed to cover all the navy.

After a whole lot of priming and painting, the walls were just the right color. 

Over the weekend I decided to sew the curtains.  I made single width panels, lined, with pinch pleats.  Easy easy!  My sweet husband handled all the hardware hanging, which is no small feat.

I originally was going to use a rug I already had, a flat weave wool with yellows and corals and a fabulous Greek key pattern. 

But ultimately I decided it competed too much with the fabric, so I exercised some restraint and bought Pottery Barn's diamond jute rug instead.  It's suprisingly soft, and I love the diamond pattern (reminds me of the much more expensive Stark seagrass version). 

I have painted the faux bamboo dresser a glossy white and used a white faux bamboo mirror over it.  The pierced lamp was my grandmother's, the poodles are a Palm Beach thrift store find, and the Chinese lacquered jewelry box is from an estate sale here. 

There is still a lot left to do!  I'm excited to incorporate some other fun pieces into the nursery, like these vintage yellow pineapple lamps:

And this pair of vintage poodle trays from Decatur Estates:

And other minor details like a crib...  But that's the state of the nursery today!  Stay tuned for the final product!
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