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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feliz Navidad, San Miguel Style

Years ago I took a trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, an amazing old town that is known for its thriving art scene. While there, I admired the work of the tin artisans in the region who make the most amazing decorative items. Every shop is packed with these wares, and I ended up purchasing a zillion brightly colored tin Christmas ornaments (I wish I'd purchased more- I think they were only $1 each!). Now one of my favorite times of the year is getting them out of my ornament box. They have every animal or object you could ever imagine, and more.

However, all these years I've been kicking myself that I didn't pick up another Christmas souvenir- one of the "pop up" tin nativity scenes that I saw at so many shops. They open like a book, and with their vivid colors and handcrafted feel, I knew they'd be a gorgeous way to display the nativity during Christmas. However, for some reason I didn't buy any. By the time I realized my mistake I was back in the US, and though I searched the internet sporadically for the next couple of years, I never had any luck finding any.

So this year I gave it the old college try again and googled around for pop up nativity scenes. After using a few different search terms I finally happened upon this Direct from Mexico site which sells EXACTLY what I'd been looking for. Hooray! Isn't this fantastic?

And as luck would have it, I found several other iterations. Like this vintage one on Etsy.

They're all a little different, like these two on El Interior.

I think my favorite one is this one from The Monk's Corner because it has an elephant on it! I don't recall an elephant from the nativity story, but oh well...

Now the hard part is deciding which one to order! Of course they aren't as inexpensive as they were in Mexico (I think they were around $20 there, and they're about double that here), but I've been wanting to get a nativity and think this fits the bill perfectly. As a city dweller I don't have the luxury of having a ton of space to store decorations, so something like this that folds up for storage is a plus. And wouldn't these make great gifts?

I might not be going back to San Miguel anytime soon, but at least it won't be out of mind thanks my Christmas decorations!


Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

It was so great seeing you the other morning! Those ornaments are everything.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Chic Coles said...

So sweet. The ornaments will bring so many memories of a wonderful trip.

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