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Monday, December 19, 2011

Champagne Nights and Sarreid Dreams

Newest design obsession- the Sarreid chest (or it might be "Sarried"- I see both spellings). This would make the perfect bedside table, and I need a new beside table with drawers to hide all my magazines and books that are always spilling everywhere! I am scouring Craigslist, Ebay, auction sites, etc. in hopes that Santa will deliver one of these to me in the next few weeks. Hopefully the stars will align like they did with my Espana chest! If you've seen one anywhere and want to throw me a tip, I'd be eternally lead is too complicated and I'm definitely not opposed to having one shipped.

The bedside table vision....
Sumner Thorton via Left Coast Luxe

Of course they're easy to find on 1st Dibs...if you're willing to splash a little cash.

Someone better buy this guy in Akron stat...a complete steal even with shipping- the same thing is $2,800 on 1st Dibs! Unfortunately I'm looking for the slightly taller/narrower chest, but this is a beyond perfect coffee table size!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a happy Monday before Christmas- hard to believe Santa comes in just 6 days! Also, we just realized this is our 1,002th post! Wow! Hard to believe that when we started this blog we'd actually have 1,000+ things to say...thanks for reading them!


Tonia said...

What a beautiful night table! Stunning.

Melissa said...

This was about 2 months ago, but there is one BURIED at the Sleepy Poet-- I think it was in the first aisle to the right after you go past the counter area in the front, under a bookshelf near the floor. I sold a pair of these a few months ago-- stunning!!!

kristin said...

Beautiful Chests! I was just thinking about doing a post on the same thing!

Megan said...

They have a pair at Comer & Co. in Washington, DC!

Megan said...

They have a pair at Comer & Co. in Washington, DC!

Nicky said...

I have that same one handmade by sarried the 3 drawer dresser/ beside table... just recently obtained it from a family member. Still intrested?

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