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Monday, October 24, 2011

Style to Skip Redux

One of my favorite parts about blogging is keeping tabs on great finds, be it a new piece of furniture, a great handbag, a thrift store score. However, as anyone who blogs or follows blogs can relate to, sometimes it feels like enough is enough, doesn't it? Lately I'm feeling like I have enough stuff and I don't want to bring one more thing into my apartment. Do you ever feel like that??

So in the spirit of enough stuff, here are a few of my favorite things...that I would never want to buy. Kind of liberating, isn't it??

From the makers of the piano key necktie....the Kate Spade piano key clutch. A cool $375 (though it was on sale the other day on the KS website). Much as we love Kate Spade for their ladylike-yet-whimsical style, we're not quite sure who gave this design the green light.

Maybe it was Mugatu, the inventor of the piano key necktie? Ok, so I was inspired to buy one little thing when I saw the piano key bag...a Zoolander DVD.

Next up. Nike calls this the "intensity long tight." I call this the most heinous specimen of jegging I have ever seen. Maybe that's why they've been hanging out on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx for the last few weeks. I'm all for jeggings...but not if they're acid wash and intended for working out!

They might not look horrid in the picture above, but trust me, in real life, they basically look like this:

Next. I was cruisin' around the Pottery Barn website the other day and noticed something quite curious in the decorative accessories section- this model Buggati- for a cool $5,000. I figured PB must just be marketing this as the ultimate toy for Junior come Christmas morning. Then I read the fine print:"Our Buggati is perfect for home decoration, and is not intended or marketed for actual use." $5,000 for a model car that sits in the Pottery Barn going the way of the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog?

Finally, not to make this beat up on Kate Spade day...but I do have Halloween candy on the brain, and apparently with the Chacha Chocolate Bon Shopper you can eat your candy and carry it too. This reminds me so much of Anya Hindmarch circa what was it, late 90's? With the photo printed bags?

Anyway, what with all the "oooh I love this" and "oooh we must have that," I thought it was time for a reminder that we don't just love everything we see out there in the marketplace! Have you had any "style to skip" moments lately?

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Pigtown*Design said...

yuck on the jeans leggings. i saw them at the cvs the other day. gag.

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