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Friday, October 21, 2011


at the Habitat Re-Store on Wendover (Charlotte).

On Tuesday, my friend Melissa missed this score of a lifetime (although she has had many) by about 5 minutes.  As she pulled into the parking lot of the Habitat store, she snapped this pic of a very lucky lady loading this Dorothy Draper Espana chest into her car. 

If the proud new owner reads MoS, please email us and tell us about your new piece!!

This is the stuff I dream (okay, FANTASIZE) about.  Who donates an Espana chest???


My Crafty Home-Life said...

I never have luck like that!

Kerry said...

I am still holding out hope that I'll find one here in Va at a yard sale. Hahaha.

tarheel said...

I have been looking for one for a long time!! And I live in Charlotte and frequent this very store. There is NEVER anything this good there. So sad. And yesterday was my birthday- how amazing would that have been?!

Haus and Home said...

I still cling to this hope too. Sometimes I search for black chest on Craigslist thinking some "dummy" has posted one too.

Melissa said...

Oh, my, it still stings! Wouldn't it be crazy if one of your readers bought it?!

Vickie H. said...

Hoping the buyer is a loyal reader! MAN OH MAN!!! WHAT A FIND!!!!! Dying to know the cost!!! These are LUCKY TIMES so maybe we will ALL stumble on to some fabulous something over the weekend that we cannot live without!!!

Natalie said...

Damn I am in Charlotte visiting my rents and I was about to book it over there! Might have to stop in anyways. Someone got very lucky!

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