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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Map Tote Mania

Ever since I saw a friend's Charlottesville Map Tote, I've been head over heels for these casual, quirky bags. They are so perfect for tossing in your car for groceries or tossing a change of clothes in, and I love their retro charm. So C'ville was the first in my collection (figure if I can't have Bellair every day, I can at least have a bag that reminds me of it).

So this weekend In San Francisco when I happened upon a store selling map totes, I had to add another to my collection! Hello San Francisco edition...

They had Napa too and I am kicking myself for not getting that one as well.

I finally looked up the company that makes is a husband and wife based in Brooklyn. The canvas and the totes are all made in the USA. They also make adorable onesies.

And they make various sizes...this Miami beach tote would be great as a carry on bag.

Their bandanas also bear their charming city prints...they would be perfect as napkins for a casual dinner party.

Paris bandana bandana.

I can see Map Totes being great wedding favors to put welcome gifts in for guests...or a going away gift for a friend who's moving...or as a trip souvenir. They also do custom designs. I may not be back in San Fran for a while, but at least I have my Map Tote! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Pigtown*Design said...

Love maps and bags! Check out the 2nd picture in this post for my fave map bag!

Katherine said...

These are adorable! I love the Napa one :)

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