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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Around the House- Thrift Store Finds!

It's no secret that MoS Washington love to go thrifting and happily incorporate thrift store finds into our homes.  I have to note that since thrifting has become popular and more mainstream in recent days, the good finds are fewer and farther between, so I spend more time at estate sales now.  Even so, since we've posted some of our favorite finds lately, I thought I'd go through my house room by room and point out the pieces that came from thrift stores.  As is true with anything, one key to incorporating thrift store finds into your decor is to use them in moderation, combined with pieces that are shiny and new.  Today I'll show you my thrift store finds in my breakfast room and family room.

The major thrift store piece in my breakfast room is this settee.  I found it about a year ago for $30.  I am normally REALLY skeptical of buying any upholstery at a thrift store, but this sofa was in absolutely perfect condition.  I love the style of it, the colors, and the long single cushion.  It sits against the wall in my breakfast room and is just waiting for my tulip table to arrive!

The colors are just perfect- bright greens and corals on a cream linen background. 

I love how the brown trees have faux bois detailing. 

On my breakfast room wall is this pair of botanical watercolors that I picked up for around $8.  The green faux bamboo frame is a fun touch!

In the summertime I keep this large ceramic clamshell on my kitchen table, full of fruit. 

In the fall, I switch to this hand-painted French soup tureen.  The lid has a charming apple finial, and it is marked Limoges Faience.  It was around $5 I believe (and Pierre Deux carried the same tureen, priced at $350!)

Moving on to my family room...  One of my best finds was this ceramic horsehead lamp.

When I found it, it was painted an ugly brown color.  A quick coat of white spray paint made it just right!  I have to note that I have become considerably less liberal with spray painting and don't do it too often anymore because sometimes it doesn't look perfect.  But this horsey ended up being the perfect surface to paint, and it looks like it came that way. 

My thrift store "splurge" was a pair of these lacquered black ming end tables.  They were $20 each, but they were in absolutely perfect condition (and had been lacquered by a professional, not a DIY job).  I really like how the black tables anchor my bright room

When I redecorated my family room, I moved this black faux bamboo mirror from the dining room into the family room.  It started out an ugly beige- read about how I transformed it here.  I think it is probably a dresser mirror since the bottom is flat, but it does just fine in my family room.

And the final thrift store find in my family room is this piece of abstract art.  It was $3, and it adds a modern touch to the room.

Goodness, so maybe my decorating is a little heavy on the thrift store finds...  But as I mentioned before, the key is to mix them with new (and more expensive) pieces.  My around-the-house-thrift-store-tour will be continued...


Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I agree. thrifting has become so popular of late. However, there are so many places that people have yet to hit that it is still worth trying to hit some of the old stomping grounds.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Wear it proud! Love all of it, I don't seem to get as "lucky" as you when I's talent, and you have it

Kerry said...

I love this idea of a thrifting tour. You have me looking around my house recalling those fun treasure hunting trips.

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Oh my goodess...this thrifting tour was amazing! I ADORE that sofa...seriously can't get over it- all of your finds are gorgeous!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I cant believe you found that couch for $30!! SO pretty!

Pigtown*Design said...

your couch looks like the wing chair and ottoman i got a few weeks ago from a yard sale at my neighbour's house. it's sort of a pondicherry print - birds, foliage on linen. love it!

when i moved back to the states, i had to furnish a house from scratch and i didn't think i'd be living here for more than a year or two, so it was all thrift shops, yard sales and target!

LindsB said...

If you didnt do this post I would have NEVER guessed all those things were from the thrift store. They look like 1st dibs finds to me!!

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