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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tipsy Tulip Tables

So I am very close to taking the plunge and buying a Saarinen tulip table for my breakfast room.  It is this image that I can't get out of my head.

Southern Living

I love the table especially when it's paired with chairs in a contrasting style, as opposed to the matching tulip chairs.  However, my main hesitation stems from the fact that it's a pedestal table and the fact that I have small children.  I am worried about it tipping over if, heaven forbid, a little guy climbs onto it or grabs the top.  I'd love to hear from anyone who has a Saarinen tulip table as to whether it's sturdy enough to be considered child-friendly.  Thanks.

In the meantime, here are some more tulip tables I find inspiring:

Photo courtesy of The Decorologist

Elle Decor

Photo courtesy of Fresh Quince

Design by Tom Scheerer


Dina said...

I know that a Saarinen table is in my future (albeit further off). I just love it. For now, we have a CB2 knock off (no marble top) version in our breakfast nook and I've been really happy with it. No wobbling which was my big concern.

Kelly said...

I have a 48" round saarinen in my dining area and it is so much sturdier than I ever imagined. I have put all of my weight on that marble top to see if it will budge, and it won't. It takes 2, maybe 3, of us to lift it if we need to shift it.

Hope that helps. Enjoy your table!

Ann said...

I have one, too, and it is beautiful. It makes me happy to see it in my dining room. I found mine at an estate sale, but it had the formica top. I had marble cut to replace it, but while they got the beveled edge right, its thicker than its supposed to be and very tippy! I am going to have it re-cut but just have not. I have checked the originals since to see if this is a standard problem and haven't found them to be wobbly at all in their original form.

Lauren said...

I have one and it's indeed beautiful. I went with a reproduction that was made from the same materials as the actual Saarinen from DWR (marble top w/ fiber glass base). The cost was a lot less, $850 including shipping for 42". The marble top is extremely heavy. It takes 2 people just to get it out of the heavy wooden crates. I don't think it can be easily tipped over. However, if your child manages to do so, it could be disastrous (for the table and for your baby).

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where you plan on getting your table? I really really want the 42" marble top, but I have heard all kinds of conflicting info on which knock offs are good. I just cant see spending the money DWR charges. Lauren, where did you get yours?

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