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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Jewelry Dilemma

It's one dilemma I just can't seem to solve and I know I'm not the only to best store jewelry so that it's organized, accessible, and secure. I'm a visual person and if certain jewelry goes out of sight it goes out of mind. So I like to be able to see everything in front of me. One great approach that I love is Lauren Santo Domingo's, below. I love how when everything is compartmentalized and organized, but easily accessible.

The tea cup storage solution is gorgeous...but I don't know if this is a practical solution for lots of jewelry since the cups take up a good deal of space.

This is a great way of showing off some key pieces.

I love this one for chunky costume necklaces

More compartmentalization. For some reason I'm really drawn to organization.

My dream...multiple drawers just for jewelry...perfect!

I've emptied out a dresser drawer and invested in some acrylic divided trays from the container store...hopefully it's the solution I'm looking for...we'll see. Do you have any jewelry storage tips??? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Dina said...

I have a combination of display situations going on in our dressing room. I have a pull out tray that's part of our elfa system and then I also have some of my large pieces on display in the adjacent vanity area. I put some Anthro knobs right in my wall and now they're the perfect place to hang some of my larger necklaces. I also have a few draped over a vintage glove mold. You can see it here:

Sara T said...

would love to see how you did it! I recently bought some command hooks placed them on the back of the closet wall in the shelving unit. I used my plastic cupcake holder on the shelf with all of my earrings so they are easy to see.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I have a long silver tray where I lay all of statement necklaces. I love being able to them and enjoy them even when they aren’t around my neck. Would love to see how your project turns out! xx

Debbie said...

Almost all of my jewelry is of the chunky costume variety and they just don't make jewelry boxes for massive amounts of this type of product. Plus, when everything is stored nicely away in a drawer, I forget about it. Or don't bother to actually put it away.

So I stuck some hooks on the wall behind my bedroom door and hang my jewelry there. It's easy to see when I'm getting dressed so I don't always grab the same one day after day. And it's easy to actually hang up my necklaces at the end of the day.

I don't have as many earrings or rings so those go in my actual jewelry box.

Meredith said...

I've found if I can't see it I won't wear it. That's my current struggle. Maybe take photos of everything that's tucked away so you know what you have?

nancy said...

I've got a lot of bangles and bead bracelets [love them and collecting them got a bit out of hand there] so I got a couple of brass candelabra candlesticks to put on my dresser top and I hang them there, arranged by color groups. Looks kind of great and it makes it easy to see what I have. My earrings are in acrylic boxes in a drawer, also arranged by color or type. I'm working on the rest.

LindsB said...

youre totally not alone- I am struggling with this right now- i need to be able to see everything so I actually wear it- love the drawer idea but I'm not sure I have the drawer space to give up. ah, one of these days I'll find a way to organize everything :)

cs said...

This jewelry organizer is not cute but holds jewelry safely in a small amount of space:

I store most of my vintage costume jewelry in one of these bags, which keeps it fairly dust free and safe from knocking against other pieces.

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