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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun at Caspari in Charlottesville (Can I move in???)

This weekend I took my first excursion to the Caspari store in Charlottesville. Though I've long loved Caspri's paper products, I'd never actually set foot in a Caspari store before. When checking out the website I realized why- there are only two Caspari stores in the world- one in Paris and the other in Charlottesville. Yet another reason to love C'ville (aside from Bellair, Bodos, Take it Away, and Michael's Bistro, and Continental Divide that is). 

 It's been a really long time since I walked into a store and felt jazzed to be there. The second I spotted this chair, I knew good things were in store. Overall, I was so impressed both with the merchandise and the's an inspiring place to browse and the prices are actually pretty reasonable.

This bench. Wow.

My camera phone pix are doing no one any favors here- sorry- but the whole store is full of gorgeous tabletop vignettes. It's hard to tell here but these are some small gourds placed in an urn with branches- simple and so striking.

I'm kicking myself for not picking up one of these gorgeous leather tassel key chains.

 Again, sorry for the grainy photo, but this is a huge stand filled with one of my favorite things- oversized decorative matchbooks in all different prints. I scooped up a few to bring home; they make great little hostess gifts.

The baby section was adorable. Loved the napkin with bunnies!

The decorative papers put those at Paper Source to shame (and that's saying something). I was attracted to the zig zag pattern below. It looks almost exactly like the pattern on a vintage dress I have.

 It seems like whenever I need chic cocktail napkins I can never find any, so I'm trying to be better at socking up when I see them. I picked up these amazing brown napkins with a gold elephant motif in both dinner size and cocktail size.

As I was walking out the door I was still snapping pictures- I was drawn to this small kilim chair.

I was in a rush to meet a friend so I couldn't linger too long- but next time I stop by, I will take better pictures (and will be snapping up one of those tassel key chains!). The store has EVERYTHING home related you could ever want...greeting cards and paper products...barware and and candles...if you ever need a wedding gift, hostess gift (or gift for yourself) and can't find it here, you are out of luck, my friend!

Anyway...on to more important things...did anyone score some Missoni from Target today...what was the verdict? How's the quality? What did you get? Do tell!


Ashley said...

I ADORE everything Caspari offers. Are the chairs for sale? They have such a fantastic selection, I'd love to see it in person!

E said...

I'm obsessed with Paper Source so Caspari must be over-the-top amazing. The zig zag paper captured my attention as well, love the vibrant mix of color with gold. Sweet visit!

A State of F-Luxe said...

Score super Missoni - Thank god everyone in Sarasota is super skinny so I had the choice of the lot in L/XL.

Pia said...

A friend and I did pretty well at the Alexandria Target. Between us 3 dresses, 2 skirts, and tights. And for my 4yo, a dress and wellies which she would not take off! Quality looks pretty decent, the fabrics are soft right now and if dry cleaned they may last a few years.

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, LOVE the Turquoise sandals from Starla. Looks like a pair of Lilly Pulitzer only fancier AND cheaper:)


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