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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emmy Style

I totally forgot that the Emmy awards were on Sunday night till I saw the pictures circulating online. I feel a bit out of touch these days with TV considering 99% of what i watch is Seinfeld reruns. Still, I definitely had some strong feelings as to what I saw...let's see if you agree. I never ever thought I'd be saying this, but I thought Kelly Osbourne was the big style winner. She looks amazing- what a gorgeous, flattering dress, feminine hair, great smile. Go Kelly!

Sofia Vergara also looked amazing in a similar that color.

Christina Hendricks....metallic done right.

Elizabeth Moss...also stunning though the shoulder is a wee bit on the ice skating costume side...

Katie the dress and the color but it doesn't seem quite right for the occasion.

Padma. All I can think is Goldfinger.

And of course, saving the "best" for last is Gwynnie in her two piece Pucci...thoughts???

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1 comment:

Barbara@HausDesign said...

I agree with you on the goldfinger comment - is that gold on her arm too? Weird. I loved the first two dresses though!

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