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Monday, August 22, 2011

Reader Before and After Projects: Round 7

Reader Kerry bought a set of these dining room chairs for next to nothing in Culpeper, Virginia.  She loved the style of the chairs (I have a chair in the exact same style!) but wasn't in love with the boring green seats. 

She found 2.5 yards of a fabulous Brunschwig and Fils chinoiserie fabric on eBay for $20, so she bought and recovered the seats herself!  She even had enough fabric left over to use for throw pillows in the adjoining room!

Karen is responsible for an amazing brass-to-chrome transformation!  I had no idea you could convert brass to chrome, but it can be done!  Watch and see!

Karen found this brass console table at a thrift store for $30!  She loved the lines of it but knew brass wasn't the best choice for her room.

She applied "Easy Off" (I've never heard of this but am dying to try it!) to the brass and then used fine steel wool on the brass surfaces.

You can see how it's starting to work here!  Watch the brass disappear!

And the finished product is amazing.  I love brass, but chrome looks fantastic here.

Brass definitely wouldn't have worked with the colors in her room- what a great transformation!


Elizabeth sent us pictures of an unbelievable chair transformation!  She spotted this blah beige chair and loved the lines of it, but it definitely needed a little love.  The finish looked dated, and the fabric left style to the imagination.  So she lacquered the wood frame in glossy white and added two modern fabrics to the cushions. Isn't it amazing how you notice the beautiful lines of the chair with the white wood and punchy fabrics? 

Great work, ladies!


Kerry said...

Thanks for including my chairs. So many of these makeovers are stunning. I'll be running around looking for some brass to chrome-ify later.

Jessica said...

You can turn brass into chrome??? This is life-changing news.

Great makeovers!

Haute Indoor Couture said...

Oh my gosh I want to try that "Easy Off" on something, that before and after is AMAZING!

Haute Indoor Couture said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen said...

Thanks so much for featuring my brass-to-chrome transformation. Good news: I only spent $15 on it since it was 50% off Goodwill day. Thank you again for featuring it. Hope you guys are ok in DC w/the earthquake. My daughter lives in Columbia & just freaked out! Karen

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